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Note for Contributors
This page should explain what can be seen on the page
when adding a chat

Name of this chat room

A short name of the chat, which will be displayed on the course homepage.

Introduction text

Type the description of the chat here. Include precise instructions for students regarding the subject of the chat.

Next chat time

The day and hour of the next chat session.

Repeat sessions

You can choose any out of four options allowing to schedule the future chat sessions:

  1. Don't publish any chat times
  2. No repeats - publish the specified time only
  3. At the same time every day
  4. At the same time every week

Save past sessions

You can determine the number of days (or rather, choose out of several options

Everyone can view past sessions

You can decide here whether or not allow everyone to view past chat sessions.

Group mode

This sets the group mode of the choice activity to one of the following three:

  1. No groups - there are no sub groups, everyone is part of one big community
  2. Separate groups - each group can only see their own group, others are invisible
  3. Visible groups - each group works in their own group, but can also see other groups

The group mode can be defined at two levels:

  • Course level

The group mode defined at the course level is the default mode for all activities defined within that course

  • Activity level

Each activity that supports groups can also define its own grouping mode. If the course is set to "force group mode" then the setting for each activity is ignored.

Visible to students

You can hide the activity from students by selecting "Hide" here. It is useful if you wouldn't like to make the activity available immediately.