Applying to work with Moodle for GSOC

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Aquesta pàgina forma part de la documentació de Moodle en català, tot i que no ha estat traduïda encara. Podeu contribuir obertament a les tasques de traducció. Podeu consultar la Guia d'edició de la documentació i també participar ens els debats del fòrum de traductors de la documentació a

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Thanks for your interest in Moodle and for considering applying to work with us :-)

If you'd like to chat about your application, please join our gsoc2011 jabber chat:

  • In any Jabber client e.g. Pidgin log in using a jabber account e.g. Google Talk.
  • Join the group chat (In Pidgin, set the room as gsoc2011 and the server as Please use your real name in the chat.

Before submitting your application

Your application

Feel free to use the following template, though it's not compulsory!

Personal Details

  • Name
  • Email
  • Other contact methods
  • Timezone

Project Proposal

What do you plan to do?

Also describe any work or research on this project you have already done.

Schedule of Deliverables

What are the milestones and deliverables for your project? You will be assessed against these. Tell us why you think this schedule is realistic.

Do you have any other commitments during this time? Provide dates, such as holidays, when you will not be available.

Note: We expect your project to be your primary focus this summer. Please do not apply if you have other summer employment.

Open Source Development Experience

Do you have any experience of Open Source software development?

Moodle Tracker issue number(s) of bug(s) you have fixed with patches attached.

Note: We require you to fix at least one Moodle bug before considering your project proposal.

Work/Internship Experience

Anything relevant to the project, or related to web design or software development.

Academic Experience

What you're studying at university/college.

Why Moodle

Tell us why you chose to apply to us.

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