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This page is about Answers used in a Course Lesson module question or in a Course Quiz module or a Question bank question. Typically students are presented with a question, they select or create an answer, which maybe scored and bring additional information to the student or present a new set of information to consider.

Links to answers

Links to places to find answers

  • Moodle Documentation article- do not click your mouse, you are here. Use the search field on the left side of the page.
    • Go looks for a specific page with that text
    • Search looks for every use of the text
  • Moodle Documentation page comments - not a good place for questions but sometimes they have answers
  • Moodle forums - these are organized by interest and there are lots of them.
  • Moodle social forum - for answers to real philosophical or non Moodle questions
  • Moodle Tracker - Not only a place to report bugs but a place to answer the question if others have noticed the same thing.
  • find your own answers in the demonstration. You can't break it, every hour it restores itself.

The Ultimate Answer to Everything

The ultimate answer to everything is of course 42. For something more specific than The Ultimate Answer to EVERYTHING, um.... may we suggest you look at

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