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Admin bookmarks block

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La revisió el 18:41, 16 abr 2012 per Donna Hrynkiw (discussió | contribucions) (added 'only admin setting pages can be bookmarked' note)
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The intent of this block is to bookmark pages so that an administrator role can see them as a list of links. For the Teacher role, editing must be turned on for this block to appear, otherwise it is hidden. (As of Moodle 2.2.1+, testing indicates that while the Teacher role can see the block, it cannot see any of the links saved therein.)

Note: Only administration setting pages such as 'Browse list of users' or 'Add/edit courses' can be added to Admin bookmarks. Pages such as a course homepage or calendar cannot be linked.

Site administration > Plugins > Blocks > Manage Blocks > number of instances will display a list of courses where the block has been installed. The front page will not appear on this list.

It is possible to set the block display properties, just as any other block.