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Activity backup

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Backing up individual activities

  • It is possible to make a copy or backup of individual activities in a Moodle course and then re-use these activities in a different Moodle site or in a different course on the same Moodle. (Note that if you wish to re-use activities within the same Moodle it might be simpler to use the import function. See Import course data for information on how to do this.
  • To make a backup of an activity, ensure you are logged in with editing rights, as a teacher for example, and click on the activity you wish to backup. The settings block to the side will have a link Backup as with the assignment in the following screenshot:


  • In the next screen, check/tick the type of item you wish to backup - in this case, just activities


  • Click Next and on the next screen, check the activity you wish to backup - in this case, our assignment:


  • Click Next and on the next screen, if you wish, rename the filename (keeping its .mbz extension), check you have included the correct activity and click Perform backup.
  • You will get a message saying the backup file was successfully created. Click Continue and you will find your backup in the User Private backup area of the next screen:


  • You can download your file from here and then restore it to a course in another Moodle site. See Activity restore for infomation on how to do this.

NOTE: For security reasons, those with the teacher role are not able to backup user information belonging to activities so there will be a red cross and padlock next to any user information.

Backing up whole courses

  • It is also possible to make a copy or backup of a whole course and re-use it elsewhere. See Course backup for information on how to do this. The process is the same as backing up a single activity as we have done here.

Activity backup capabilities

There is just one capability, Backup activities, which is allowed for the default roles of manager and teacher.