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''Settings > Course administation > Grades > Outcomes report''
''Settings > Grade administration > Outcomes report''
The outcomes report helps teachers monitor their students' progress using [[Outcomes]].  It lists site-wide outcomes and custom outcomes used in the current course, their overall average (each outcome can be measured through many [[Grade items|grade items]]).  It will show the name, course and site wide average, the activity, the average values and the number of "grades" given.
==Description of report columns==
<nowiki>[[image:1_9 outcomes_report image|thumb|right|NEED OUTCOME REPORT SAMPLE FOR 2.X]]</nowiki>
The outcomes report is a table with 6 columns, explained below:
*Short name - the short name of the outcome used in this course.
*Course average -shows two values representing the average scores given to students for each outcome used in this course.*Site-wide - Whether the outcome is a site-wide outcome or not.
*Activities - This lists the activities that use this outcome in this course. A new row is created for each activity, and the activity name is linked to the activity's page.
*Average - the average score for each activity using the outcome in this course.
*Number of Grades - The number of grades given to students for each activity using the outcome.
==See also==
*[ Video explaining the different gradebook reports]

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