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Performance overview

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This Moodle performance overview proposal page is created in response to Moodle issue [ MDL-35716]

The general problem from the issue seems to be the related to users not having insight into what configuration settings they have turned on or off that may affect Moodle performance.

My proposed solution is to create a "Performance overview" page, similar to the existing "Security overview" page that lists performance-related configuration settings for a Moodle site, along with a suggestion to what the setting should be set, and allow the user to modify individual settings by visiting the setting's link.

I've added a link to a UI screenshot of what this can look like. It lists just some of the possible configuration settings that relate to performance. A new "Performance overview" page is added in the settings block: Site Administration > Reports > Performance overview

The table has three fields: configuration setting, value and suggestion. All of the settings listed on the page are configuration settings that may be relevant to Moodle performance (eg. Javascript caching). The "value" column indicates the value of the current setting ("enabled", "disabled" or something else). The "suggestion" column is a general suggestion to what the setting should be set for best performance. The values under the "configuration setting" column are all links that point to a Moodle configuration page where the user can change that particular setting.

UI screenshot:

One issue with creating this performance overview page is with how performance improvement suggestions are subjective. Changing the value of one particular setting may impact Moodle performance differently depending in what environment it's in. Therefore, these would be suggestions that will "generally" improve Moodle performance.

Currently this design requires no database modifications to Moodle except maybe an addition to capabilities/permissions defined in access.php.