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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.7. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle may be available here: Turn editing on.


The Turn Edit On or Off option can be found as a link in the administration block Administration Block Turn Editing on.JPG or as a button Turn edit on button.JPG at the top right of a course homepage. This option is only available to teachers of the course who also have editing rights or to those users who are assigned site administration rights. Turn editing on allows teachers to change the appearance and functionality of the course. You can turn editing off again by pressing the button or the admin block link again (both now renamed turn editing off!)

You will see these icons frequently when editing is on:

Edit.gif - the edit icon lets you alter/update whatever resource or activity it is next to.
Help.gif - the help icon will popup a relevant help window


Existing blocks can be moved up, down or sent to the right or left column of the course. They can also be set to visible or hidden. They can be removed completely by pressing the X icon.

You will see these icons when editing blocks:

Block open.gif - the block is visible. Clicking the eye will hide the block from students
Block closed.gif - the block is hidden. Clicking the eye will show the block to students
File:Block delete.gif - clicking this icon will remove the block from the course
Block up.gif - this icon will move the block upwards
Block down.gif - this icon will move the block down
File:Block left.gif - this icon will move the block to the bottom of the left column
File:Block right.gif - this icon will move the block to the bottom of the right icon


Topics or weeks are the most common types of section formats. The section description that appears to student can be edited with the Edit.gif edit icon.

Sections can be moved up or down to change the order in which the course is dispayed. Sections can also be hidden from, or made visible to, learners. If the course is topic based then a topic can be set as current (or indeed the current status can be removed).

Open.gif - the open-eye icon means an item is visible to students. It will close when you click on it
Closed.gif - the closed-eye icon means an item is hidden from students. It will open when you click on it.
Marker.gif - the marker icon allows you to make a section current

The following icons are visible when editing is both on and off

One.gif - This icon is used to show only the selected section
All.gif - This icon is used to show all sections in a course

Activities and Resources

Course resources and activities may be added, removed, indented, moved, updated, deleted, hidden, shown or assigned to groups. The teacher can edit individual activities and resources in a section by clicking on their individual icons.

Right.gif - the right icon is used to indent course elements (there is also a left icon)
Move.gif - the move icon allows course elements to be placed anywhere
Movehere.gif - the move here icon appears when moving a course element
Delete.gif - the delete icon will permentantly delete something from the course

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