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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.7. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle may be available here: SCORM settings.

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Template:Scorm To edit or add a SCORM to a course, turn on the course edit mode as a teacher with editing privileges. A SCORM is a course activity that can be added with the "Add an activity" drop down menu.


  1. In an existing SCORM activity, select settings on the left. You will then see the settings page:
    Moodle 1.6 SCORM Setting Page
  2. Add the name of the package in the Name field and (optionally) information in the Summary area. The Summary text is only seen, after the name, in the list shown when you choose "activities > Scorm"
  3. Click the "Choose or edit a package ..." button to open the course Files area. Locate the zipped SCORM package (otherwise upload it to the server before continuing).
  4. Click the Choose link (NOT the Unzip link) for the package. (Tip: If the Choose link is not visible - close the pop-up window and click the "Choose or edit a package ..." button again.)
  5. The remaining settings are:
    1. Grading method, Maximum grade, Number of attempts, Attempts grading, Advanced, and Window. With sub menus:
      1. Advanced: Auto-Continue, Disable preview mode, Course structure display (TOC), and Hide navigation buttons
      2. Window: Stage size width, Stage size height, & Display package
        1. Display package: Allow the window to be resized, Allow the window to be scrolled, Show the directory links, Show the location bar, Show the menu bar, Show the toolbar, Show the status bar.
  6. Then click the "Save changes" button, the SCORM activity is displayed in the "stage" area.

Please note that Moodle can't create SCORM packages - the SCORM module is simply for deploying SCORM packages. If you wish to create SCORM packages please see the links to SCORM tools.