Note: This documentation is for Moodle 2.7. For up-to-date documentation see Cron settings.

Cron settings

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Location: Site administration >Security > Site Policies

Moodle has two settings that the site administrator can modify. This is done from the Site Policies link.

Cron settings in Site Policies

Cron from Command Line Interface only

The cronclionly setting will stop the browser URL trigger. This sets Moodle so that cron.php cannot be invoked by the Moodle URL.

TIP: While this is identified as CLI (command line interface) this is a bit misleading in that it does not mean that you have to be sitting at a shell account entering the command. If you enable this switch you can invoke cron.php through any set of batch or script files you wish, but it must be invoked via its correct location in the operating systems file structure. This can be especially frustrating for those not used to scripting in that environment is not typically provided.

Cron password

The cron process can be protected by a password with the cronremotepassword setting.