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Setting up a questionnaire

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If you are creating a new survey or editing an existing template you will be able to define the overall settings via the Editing survey page.


Give your questionnaire a filename (e.g. “Feedback”). The name entered here will be how this questionnaire is identified in future, especially if it is a template or public questionnaire.


This is determined in the adding a questionnaire options.


Give the questionnaire a title and optional sub-title. The title will appear on every page of the survey.

Additional Info

This will appear before the questions of your survey and should include any relevant details on the purpose of the questionnaire and instructions for completion.

Confirmation Page

If you have created a custom completion page you can enter the URL to it here, or you can type in the title and text you would like displayed as a confirmation page for users who complete the survey.


If you want copies of each submission emailed to an address fill it out here.


Select a theme for your questionnaire. These appear to be stored -> mod\questionnaire\phpESP\public\css