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Non-standard assignment types

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  • Group Assignment (by Patrick Jermann) - One user uploads the file but all the members of his or her group "benefit" from the submission. The latest version also includes multiple files, attachment of a review, and the extension of the group feature to online and offline assigments.
  • uploadmulti (by Brian Jones) - Allows uploading multiple files
  • Multiple Files Upload (by Gustav W Delius) - Allows uploading multiple files
  • Review assignment (by Humboldt State University) - A new assignment type that adds the ability to send back to the student a graded copy of their file (for Moodle 1.5)
  • Form (by Michael Robellard) - Allows students to enter information in a form (multiple textarea boxes) and then the teacher can grade each textarea with a number of points (or other grading scale) and give a comment for each form field
  • ULPGC Assignment (by Enrique Castro) - Allows teacher to upload multiple files with the assignment, automatically grade the whole group and upload multiple review files after grading/commenting. Students can upload many files (up to the number set by the instructor).
  • Random Assignment (by Miroslav Fikar) - Students get a random file for a directory, teacher sees the file of student and optionally the solution file. It is based on Upload a single file assignment.
  • Team Assignment (by the Lightwork Project - Massey University) - Allows students to create their own teams and submit work for marking as a team. The teacher can grade the work as a team and/or individually.