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American TESOL China Management Center is the exclusive China headquarters; Liang Yongsheng (David Liang) is the appointed Chief Executive Officer of ATI-China.

American TESOL China headquarters was set up in Shanghai in 2010, with affiliates in Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Chongqing, Henan Province, Shandong Province, Heilongjiang Province, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing and etc..

To get certified locally, to teach English globally with an internationally recognized TESOL English Teacher Certification!

TESOL China American TESOL China Management Center Address: Room 703B, Charity Building, No.88 Caoxi North Rd., Xujiahui District, Shanghai Zip Code: 200030 Telephone: +86-21-51078189/ 60520696/ 61555290 Toll Free in China: 400-698-1070 Email: Official website:

TESOL Shanghai Shanghai East China Talent College Anbo Education Group Shanghai Hanming Education Shanghai Mule Education American TESOL China Management Center

TESOL Nanjing Nanjing Langwen School Canilx Modern English Nanjing Deai Education Center Jump A-Z English School

TESOL Suzhou Suzhou Langwen School Suzhou E-door English

TESOL Henan Province TESOL Henan Management Center Henan Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs Lianda Education Group

TESOL Shandong Province TESOL Shandong Management Center Bozhi Education Bozhi Teacher Training College

TESOL Heilongjiang Province TESOL Heilongjiang Management Center ORG Education International Foreign Language School Heilongjiang Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs Bureau of Education Nangang District Harbin City

TESOL Sichuan Province TESOL Sichuan Management Center Chengdu Hui Tian Li Education

TESOL Guangxi Province TESOL Guangxi Management Center Buckland Education Group

TESOL Yunnan Province TESOL Kunming Office Kunming Aurora Culture Bridge

TESOL Beijing TESOL Beijing Office Capital Normal University Huayu Huiren International Education Beijing Construction College

TESOL Guangzhou School of Foreign Studies South China Agricultural University CIBT International College of Guangzhou University

TESOL Shenzhen Happiness&Talent Education Center

TESOL Chongqing 8AM English School Youwell International Education Group Pumpkin English School

TESOL Yangzhou Global Education & Technology Group-Yangzhou School

TESOL Shaoxing Global Education & Technology Group -Shaoxing School

TESOL Wuxi Wuxi TLI Education

More authorized TESOL centers at ATI-China Official website. Please Link to

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