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Did a fresh install of 2.2, but I don't have the folder cd /var/www/sites/moodle/htdocs/

It's just missing, do you know where I can get it?

 $ cd /var/www/sites/moodle/htdocs/
  $ git fetch
  $ sudo -u apache /usr/bin/php admin/cli/maintenance.php --enable
  $ git merge origin/cvshead
  $ sudo -u apache /usr/bin/php admin/cli/upgrade.php
  $ sudo -u apache /usr/bin/php admin/cli/maintenance.php --disable

CLI on some hosts

Keep in mind that on some hosts the user may not have the ability to use sudo. I was still able to use the cli options; however, I needed to modify the php.ini to accept arguments from the command line. The php.ini file indicates that it is best to leave the register_argc_argv setting off:

"When this directive is enabled, registering these variables consumes CPU cycles and memory each time a script is executed. For performance reasons, this feature should be disabled on production servers."

In order to avoid leaving register_argc_argv on, I copied the php.ini file. In my case I was using which allows me to use a single php.ini in my home www directory (~/www/php.ini). I created a duplicate with

   $ cp ~/www/php.ini ~/www/php-cli.ini

Then I edited the ~/www/php-cli.ini file and changed it so that:

register_argc_argv = On

In my upgrademoodle script then I used the following:

   $ php -c ~/www/php-cli.ini admin/cli/maintenance.php --enable
   $ php -c ~/www/php-cli.ini admin/cli/upgrade.php --non-interactive
   $ php -c ~/www/php-cli.ini admin/cli/maintenance.php --disable

I did not have to use sudo (and could not use it because I am not a sudoer on the host). I used the php-cli.ini file so that it will accept the command line arguments without creating a potentially increased performance load on the server. Initially, I was getting a segmentation fault because the server was not picking up that I wanted to run a non-interactive upgrade and it would not allow me to provide the input either and simply cycled through requesting the confirmation to upgrade. I eventually was able to get things working the way I wanted so hopefully these comments might be of help to others who might be experiencing difficulty using Administration via command line on a shared host. Peace - Anthony