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Man course formats

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The Meta, Activities and Noticeboard (MAN) course formats are 6 related formats, designed to reduce the number of links on the course homepage and improve course communication. These formats are based on the 'Topics' and 'Social' formats.

Main formats

The three main formats in the family are Meta, Activities and Noticeboard. Here is a brief summary of what each format does:

Meta format - This format automatically adds links to a Metacourse's child courses to the course home page. You can run large courses more efficiently by splitting them into several courses, e.g. each topic in your course could be a separate child course in Moodle. The Meta course acts as a portal to the 'topic' courses.

Activities format - Duplicates the functionality of the 'Activity modules' block in the main content area of a course. This avoids the need to manually add links to the course homepage, drastically reducing the length of the page (and administration time when adding new resources).

Noticeboard format - Displays the latest post from the News forum at the top of the course home page. Ensures only the most relevant information is displayed on the course home page.

Hybrid formats

There are also 3 'hybrid' formats included in the download:

Noticeboard/activities format - Combines the functionality of the Noticeboard and Activities formats.

Meta noticeboard format - A noticeboard format that also displays child courses on the home page if the course is a Meta course.

Meta noticeboard/activities format - Three formats in one! Displays a list of child courses (if the course is a Meta course), a 'noticeboard' area and a list of activity category links in the main content area.


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