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Layout course editing

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The Layout Course Editing module is a non-standard module for Moodle 1.5 and 1.6 versions. It is a javascript based script that will quickly and graphically move, add and remove activities and blocks in course edit mode.

Course Layout Editor

  • allows graphical (quick) editing of course layout
    • move activities and sections around with javascript
    • add activities from other courses
    • move , add, delete activities and sideblocks
  • make a backup copy of the course/format/... that you wish to patch
  • unzip in that format folder
  • copy back the format.php from the backup'd folder
  • make the suggested patch in the README provided
  • a new link should appear when in "course edit" mode pointing to layout.php
  • Timothy Takemoto reports that it works fine in moodle 1.6 (although it is unchanged from moodle 1.5)

todo: package in standard manner and upload in standard spot on moodle server, and include appropriate credits and licence notice

Layout Editor Version 1.6a

  • Created by Audun Hauge, modified by Timothy Takemoto and packaged by Bruno Vernier (c) GPL 2005-2006
    • note: there are at least 2 minor forks of the original version for moodle 1.5
    • Bruno attempted to merge them for moodle 1.6 into this package
    • please let him have any new patches at


  1. download from
  2. Unzip this file at the root folder of moodle source code
  3. You will next need to MANUALLY add a link within your existing course formats to allow for the layout editor to be enabled.
  4. edit course/format/whatever/format.php (or to skip this part, see tip at bottom of this page)
  5. Look for the commented line /// Start main column and adjust it to appear as shown below.
   /// Start main column

echo '';

   print_heading_block(get_string('weeklyoutline'), 'outline');

   /// Start main column

echo '';

   $extra = "";
   if (isediting($course->id)) {
       $extra = '   <a title="'.get_string('layout','layout').'"
   print_heading_block(get_string('weeklyoutline').$extra, 'outline');

note: if you are using "topics" or "social", change the get_string parameter in the line above to the same as in the original line

Using this Feature

  • A link to the course layout editor will appear once editing has been turned on.
  • if you don't want to make the patch above, just create a bookmark like this:
    • (URL to your moodle site)/course/layout/layout.php?id=(course id number)
  • The editor provides a simple to use click and drag interface to allow for a quick and simple adjustment of moodle course design and flow.