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{{Grades}}Course settings determine how the gradebook appears for all participants in the course.
#redirect [[Grade settings]]
To change the course settings:
#Choose "Course settings" from the gradebook dropdown menu.
#Change the settings as required.
#Click the "Save changes" button.
Note: Individual teachers may override the aggregation position setting for their own grader report view via their [[Grade preferences|"My report preferences"]] tab.
===Show rank===
The show rank setting determines whether the position of a grade item in relation to the rest of the class is shown.
===Show percentage===
The show percentage setting (in Moodle 1.9.3 onwards) determines whether the percentage value of each grade item is shown.
===Hide totals if they contain hidden items===
In Moodle 1.9.9 onwards, a new setting 'Hide totals if they contain hidden items' specifies whether totals which contain hidden grade items are shown to students or replaced with a hyphen (-). If shown, the total may be calculated either excluding or including hidden items.
If hidden items are excluded, the total will be different to the total seen by the teacher in the grader report, since the teacher always sees totals calculated from all items, hidden or unhidden.
If hidden items are included, students may be able to calculate the hidden items.
==Default course settings==
[[Image:Gradebook course settings.png|thumb|left|Gradebook course settings]]
The default course settings are set by an administrator in the following locations:
* Grade display type and overall decimal points - ''Administration > Grades > [[Grade item settings]]''
* Default aggregation position - ''Administration > Grades > [[General grade settings|General settings]]''
* Overview report setting - ''Administration > Grades > [[Gradebook report settings|Report settings]] > Overview report''
* User report settings - ''Administration > Grades > [[Gradebook report settings|Report settings]] > User report''
[[cs:Nastavení hodnocení v kurzu]]

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