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Here is a 2-column GIFT format reference sheet I created for a training:
Here is a 2-column GIFT format reference sheet I created for a training:
*[http://buypct.com/gift_reference.pdf GIFT Reference Sheet]
*[http://buypct.com/gift_reference.pdf GIFT Reference Sheet]
//      Frage 01 - Produktionsplanung
Welche Bereiche gehören zum Prozess der Produktionsplanung nach MRP II?{~Geschäftsplanung, Absatzplanung ~Auftragsveranlassung, Auftragsüberwachung =Mengenplanung, Termin- und Kapazitätsplanung}
===Hints and Tips===
===Hints and Tips===

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With GIFT format you can write multiple-choice, true-false, short answer, matching and numerical questions in a text editor in a simple format. For large numbers of questions, GIFT is likely to provide the quickest way of bulk loading your questions.

screen shot from quiz help file documentation

At least one blank line must be left between each question.

Here is an GIFT example for quiz-import, easy to copy and change ...

The file must be correctly encoded in UTF8. Beware of some of Microsoft's "fake" Unicode implementation which is not compatible and may result in strange characters appearing in your quizzes.

Here is a 2-column GIFT format reference sheet I created for a training:

Hints and Tips

  • Use the ::title:: at the beginning of every question to organize this for you (01 - testquestion), otherwise it would be difficult to find the right question for changes, moodle will take the beginning of every question as internal title.
  • In the Lesson module, in a question page, correct answers jump by default to Next page and incorrect answers jump to This page (i.e. student has to "try again"). When importing from a GIFT format file, this is exactly the mechanism which is used.
  • If you want a student to be taken directly from one question to the next irrespective of their answer being correct or incorrect: in the Lesson Settings, set Maximum number of attempts: to 1. Please note, however, that a message "correct / incorrect" will still be displayed to the student upon answering each question. If you do not want this (default) feedback message to be displayed then enter your own feedback message (i.e. "continue", "---", etc.) In case you want no visible message displayed then enter a non-breaking space as feedback, so you'll have to put a # after the answer which may be ~3 and write & n b s p ; after that.(without spaces between these characters)
  • If you want to use curly braces, { or }, or equal sign, =, or # or ~ in a GIFT file (for example in a math question including TeX expressions) you must "escape" them by preceding them with a \ directly in front of each { or } or =. It is possible to use a replace program/macro/editor filter to do this conversion before importing to Moodle.
  • There are Word macros available for easily creating GIFT files. See [1].
  • Here's an Excel spreadsheet for generating multiple choice GIFT files [2] and a newer version that supports other question formats (be sure to scroll down to the most recent version) [3].
  • Here's an Open Office template for generating GIFT files. [4]

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