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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.3. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: FAQ.

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A FAQ is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (along with their answers). They are a common feature of online communities who use them to save time and effort of both users looking for help, who have a place to check for common problems and the experts who would otherwise need to answer the same questions repeatedly. Traditionally they have been grown organically by copying and pasting actual questions and answers (with minimal editing) from mailing lists or discussion forums but they are now as often simply a convention for writing bare minimum quickstart documentation in a question and answer format.

Creating FAQs with Moodle

The Glossary module allows you to create FAQs with your own content as part of your Moodle course. You need to change the display format to FAQ.

List of Moodle Doc FAQ pages

Moodle Docs has a variety of FAQs intended for different audiences:

A more comprehensive list, including more specialised FAQs, is available at Category:FAQ.

Other sources of help

If you can't find the answer to your question in one of our main FAQ pages, there are several other options.

Moodle Docs help

If you're looking for help with Moodle Docs (rather than Moodle generally) then there is not currently a Moodle Docs FAQ, so instead:

  • If you are new to Moodle Docs, you may want to read the Main page and visit the Help:Contents link, which provide information and links to get you started. The Help page is also available at all times on the navigation menu (usually on the left-hand side of your screen).
  • Or, you can just try things out. There are numerous Moodle Doc contributors who can set things right if need be, so be bold. We invite you to participate. Type in your subject in the "search" box on the left, then click Go.