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To add a student to a group, the teacher must first create a grouping, then [[Create group|create a group]] within the grouping and then [[Assign users to group|assign users to the group]].  Start with the group icon in the course administration block.
==Overview of groupings, groups and members==
Here is the overview of an existing course that has groupings, groups and shows students in one of the groups. Notice there is only one grouping at the moment and one of the groups has been selected, which reveals the members of that group.
[[Image:Administration Block Course Group Overview1.JPG]]
==Creating a group==
Creating a group is very simple.  Press the create grouping button.  Add a name (New Grouping 1) and a description of the group.  Press the Save button (not shown) and the new grouping will be added.
[[Image:Administration Block Course Group Grouping add.JPG]]
==Printer friendly view==
The printer friendly display button is an easy way to see everyone in a single grouping.
[[Image:Administration Block Course Group Group PrinterFriendly.JPG]]
==See also==
[[Development:How groups work in Moodle]] This is the goal anyway, not achieved in 1.8.

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