Advanced uploading of files assignment

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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.3. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Advanced uploading of files assignment.

Template:AssignmentsTemplate:Moodle 1.7This type of assignment allows each student to upload one or more files in any format.


  • This type also allows teachers to send files back to students in response to their submissions. A typical way to use this would be to edit the student's submitted file by adding comments and/or corrections, and then returning this file back to the student via the assignment. When a student clicks on the assignment, files sent to him or her appear as a list of Response files.

Response files can be also uploaded before submission which can be used to give each student a different file to work with.

  • Students may also enter notes describing the submitted files, progress status or any other text information.
  • Submission of this type of assignment must be manually finalized by the student.
  • Teachers can review the current status at any time, unfinished assignments are marked as Draft. Teachers can revert any ungraded assignment back to draft status.


These settings are in addition to the general assignment settings outlined on editing an assignment.

Maximum size

This setting specifies the maximum size (in total) of the file which the students can upload as their submission. If your students are uploading word processing documents or spreadsheets, typically you only need to allow for a few megabytes. If your students are submitting multimedia projects or other files with many images or audio clips, then the space allowed will need to be larger.

Allow deleting

If enabled, students may delete uploaded files at any time before submitting for grading.

Maximum number of uploaded files

Maximum number of files each participant may upload, this number is not shown to students, please write the actual number of requested files in assignment description.

Allow notes

If enabled, students may enter notes into text area associated with the assignment.

This text box can be used for communication with the grading person, assignment progress description or any other written activity.

Hide description before available date

If enabled, assignment description is hidden before the opening date.

Email alerts to teachers

If enabled, then teachers are alerted with a short email whenever students add or update an assignment submission.

Only teachers who are able to grade the particular submission are notified. So, for example, if the course uses separate groups, then teachers restricted to particular groups won't receive any notices about students in other groups.