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[[Image:mudrd8mz.jpg|right]] Hi! Welcome to my profile page. I am one of [http://moodle.com/hq Moodle HQ] developers, but my background includes ICT teaching and research into the theory of education. I am the author of several Moodle extensions and customizations. I translate Moodle into Czech and run Czech Moodle portal [http://moodle.cz moodle.cz].
==How to motivate me==
Would you like to support yet another code monkey? [[User:David Mudrak/Postcard|Send me a postcard!]]
==Standard color scheme I use in my code==
The first value is web safe but I like the second one more
| style="background: #EEEE22;" | #EEEE22 #f3f2aa
| style="background: #AAEEAA;" | #AAEEAA #e7f1c3
| style="background: #AACCEE;" | #AACCEE #d2ebff
| style="background: #EEAAAA;" | #EEAAAA #ffd3d9
==My contributions==
* [[Workshop module]]
* [[Translation|Moodle language translation tool]]
* [[Course contents block]]
* [[Subcourse module]]
* [[Stamp Collection module]]
* [[Course ordering and invoicing]]
==My images==
<br clear="both"/>
==My drafts==
* [[Using GIT to backup moodledata]]
* [[Obsolete:Tutorial on using git in Moodle development]]
* [[Development:Commit cheat sheet]]
==My bookmarks==
* [[Development:Places to search for lang strings]]
* [[User:David Mudrak/vimrc|~/.vimrc]] - ViM configuration I use for Moodle development

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