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Legacy course files

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Note: This page only applies to sites which have been upgraded from Moodle 1.9.

In Moodle 2.0 onwards, files are stored in separate areas, rather than together in the course files area. See Course files for a detailed explanation. When a site is upgraded from 1.9, the course files area is renamed 'Legacy course files'. By default, this area is not available in new courses.

It is recommended that teachers make use of the new repositories in Moodle 2.0 for storing course files, rather than saving them in the legacy course files area.

Enabling legacy course files areas

To enable a legacy course files area in a new course

  1. Enable the legacy course files repository plugin in Settings > Site administration > Plugins > Repositories > Manage repositories.
  2. Check the legacyfilesinnewcourses box in the Manage repositories common settings (Settings > Site administration > Plugins > Repositories > Common repository settings) then click the 'Save changes' button.
  3. Set 'Legacy course files' to Yes in the course settings.

A legacy course files link will then appear in the Settings > Course administration area.

Repository capabilities

The capabilities Use course files repository plugin and Manage files are both required for users to access the legacy course files area.


Can you find out disk volume of legacy files?

Unsure. There is a disk space report, but it gives the total of files in each course, and a total volume of disk space. (Site admin > . .) However, this does not say anything about what else is there (like trash, provate files and backups) See

Where are legacy files stored?

For one explanation, see

Is there a way to delete legacy files en mass?

Probably not.

What happens if you switch legacy files off in a site that has been upgraded and has a lot of legacy files?

Unsure. It seems that once a course has legacy files you cannot get rid of them.

Can you migrate a course from 1.9 to 2+ and NOT end up with a legacy files repository?

Yes, you can (in 2.3, 2.4). If you restore as a Teacher into the course you're currently present in (best if it's empty) and don't override any settings then the Legacy Files will not be added as a Repository.

Can you hide the legacy files link in course settings?


In backups, are legacy files included with a course?

Seems to be the case:

Long term, will there be any problem keeping a large number of Legacy files?

Possibly if you want to import (as opposed to restore) you may lose legacy files. See

Also see