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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.2. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Language editing.

Location: Administration > Language > Language editing

Language editing in Moodle 1.6
The language editing interface enables you to easily change any word or phrase used on the site. For example, you may want to change the word "Course" to "Area".

Edit words or phrases

File:edit words or phrases.png
Edit words or phrases in Moodle 1.8

From Moodle 1.6 onwards, text may be changed by editing the language strings, either via Administration > Language > Language editing or directly i.e. in moodledata/lang/.

  • Click the button "switch" and a local language folder, parentlanguage_local, will automatically be created in moodledata/lang/. Files of edited strings will then be saved in this folder. This will prevent your local changes to be overwritten by a newer language pack while updating.
  • When returning to edit further strings, check that files of edited strings will again be saved to the folder parentlanguage_local, switching folder if necessary.

Note: From Moodle 1.9 onwards, the option to switch is no longer provided and edited strings are automatically saved in the local language folder.

Changes in 1.9

Template:Moodle 1.9* From Moodle 1.9 onwards, only users with the capability moodle/site:langeditmaster may modify the master language packages (i.e. those being saved in moodledata/lang/). It is prevented from all roles by default. It is expected that only language maintainers will manually allow this to themselves.

  • From Moodle 1.9 onwards, only users with the capability moodle/site:langeditlocal may customize the site translation (i.e. files being saved in moodledata/lang_local/). Admins are allowed to do this by default.
  • TODO: Ability to edit language files in non-standard locations, i.e. string files for various types of plugin (e.g. blocks, database presets, 3rd party modules etc.)
  • Several GUI improvements including tabs
Moodle 1.9 admin/lang.php interface

Previous admin/lang

Text in Moodle 1.5 may be changed by editing the language strings, either via Administration > Configuration > Language or directly e.g. in lang/en.

To ensure that any changes are not overwritten by a new version when upgrading, you need to create your own local language pack as follows:

  • Copy the contents of your language folder (e.g. lang/en) into a new folder (e.g. lang/en_local) - you will need access to the server to achieve this step, it cannot be done from within Moodle.
  • Make your local language pack the default for the site via Administration > Configuration > Variables.

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