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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.2. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Installations 10000 plus.

Please add your school info here, if you have a Moodle installation catering (or expecting to cater) for 10,000 or more users.



  • Athabasca University - Canada's leading distance-education and online university: Canada's Open University, serving about 30,000 students per year. Athabasca has decided to adopt Moodle as a single platform instead of WebCT Vista (i.e. the top of the line version). You can read their press release for more info.
  • Malaspina University-College - Malaspina U-C is located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. MUC was established in 1969, and has over 10,000 full-time Canadian students, plus 1,000 international students from more than 50 countries. MUC offers graduate and undergraduate degrees, diplomas and certificates, and a 5-level English Language program. MUC offers classroom-student support through Moodle, as well as a range of fully online courses through Malaspina Continuing Education. MUC switched from WebCT to Moodle in 2006.



  • Université de Rennes 2 - Haute Bretagne - 20,000 to 30,000 users in 800 courses
    • 5,000 different users connected every month
    • 200 teachers actually involved
    • integration with LDAP and Esup-Portail (based on uPortal) ;
    • authentication via CAS


  • Technische Universität Berlin - 10,400 Users in 402 courses (updated: 07.June.2007)
    • After a test period, the Information System for Instructors and Students (ISIS) was launched in september 2006.


  • AMIE India is a website for AMIE students currently (as of September 2007) having 239 courses, 11246 users.



  • AulaWeb - University of Genoa AulaWeb is an university-wide installation of Moodle, organized in virtual instances, one for each laurea degree. In March 2007, it hosts more than 78 instances used by 10.500 students.

New Zealand




  • La Universitat Politecnica de Cataluña on september 2005 started a pilot Moodle installation with 3.000 Students. On september 2006 the migration from the old campus to Moodle will be complete with more than 30.00 students El campus Atenea 4 runs Moodle 1.4.5 y an will be updated to Moodle 1.5.3 in september 2006. UPC has developed several applicatons adn bridges between its own informacion systems.
    • Integration with the academic management informatio system "Prisma".
    • Internalmail (developed also in UPC) is used for as email internal system.
    • Moodle integration with the upc library system.
    • Adaptation of Moodle grades to spanish university grading system.
    • And other stuff
  • Universitat Rovira i Virgili using Moodle for three academic years. At present version 1.5.4+ to be updated to 1.6.4+ in short. In march 2007, 22701 users registered and 3500 courses created aprox.
    • Integration with the academic management information system
    • Integration with the corporative LDAP user’s directory
    • Average of 504 courses used regularly (logs at least once a week)
    • Average of 3200 students login at least once a day
    • Average of 7200 students login at least once a week
    • 10500 users (teachers and students) accessed at least once during the last month (data from 26th march 2007)
  • Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) - 24.000 users in aprox. 1800 courses. We started with Moodle 1.4 four years ago as a test pilot project for a small number of courses. Now offered as a basic service for all courses at ULPGC: 55 official EU titles and 5 more offered ONLY through Web.
    • We are using version 1.6.3 with LDAP authentification
    • Custom modules: ULPGCAssignment and ULPGCDialogUe, heavily modified Appointment/Scheduler
    • Custom groupings/scopes for small team activities (e.g. group assignment)
    • Regular-intense usage ranks by 60% of courses/students.
  • Universitat de Barcelona - 60.000 users in 7.300 courses. Started in September 2006 as a project, UB Moodle site will be open for all next September.

United Kingdom

  • The Open University (OU) - the United Kingdom's only university dedicated to distance learning. They have around 150,000 undergraduate and more than 30,000 postgraduate students. They are in the middle on a two-year programme to build a VLE based on Moodle. In November 2007, the OU's Moodle database contains over 400,000 users and 3,000 courses.
"Now, The Open University’s Learning and Teaching Office has started a new programme worth nearly £5 million to build a comprehensive online student learning environment for the 21st century.
The development, which will first appear in May of 2006, and be fully operational for February 2007 courses, will see the largest use of Moodle in the world. Moodle is a free, Open Source software package course management system used by educators to create effective online learning communities.
Currently Open University students use a variety of software in a network to access their course work, interact with tutors and other students, use the library, submit assignments and handle administrative paperwork. The new development incorporating Moodle will ensure the network is much more user-friendly and uniform." Source: OU press release (.doc format).
  • OpenLearn The Open University's open content initiative. Website development began in May 2006 and the site was launched in October 2006, supported by a grant from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. By April 2008, 5,400 learning hours of content will be available online. Currenly (early 2007) over 10,000 unique users.
  • The University of Glasgow - A long-established (founded 1451) and high-profile research university in the UK, with 20,000 students (16,000 undergrad, 4,000 postgrad), 6,000 staff, 20,000 unique users of Moodle (as of Jan 2008). Uses LDAP for integration with Novell and a custom MIS system for user authentication. Their site is organised on a one Moodle site per faculty basis to facilitate both appropriate themeing and to simplify balancing across servers.

United States

  • Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) uses moodle for both curriculum and Corporate and Continuing Education. For curriculum it runs in parallel to Blackboard as faculty migrate to moodle over time. There are currently no plans to go moodle only, although many administrators favor this option. The server has 30,000 or so users on it, but the actual number of active users varies widely. It is used for both hybrid and full-online classes. Corporate and Continuing Education runs its own branded instance and uses only moodle for distance education. We have about 80,000 students total, covering the range from GED, adult-ed, curriculum, and other areas serviced by 7 campuses in and around Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • San Francisco State University (SFSU) uses moodle for more than three years now. We use moodle for our main campus and the College of Extended Learning (CEL). For curriculum, moodle used to run in parallel with Blackboard as faculty migrate to moodle over time (SFSU officially phased out Blackboard, as of 6/30/2007). The servers have total of 89K users (as of 09/05/2007), among these 89K users, 28K are considered as currently active. As for courses, we have total of 57K courses sitting on our database, and among them, around 53K are considered as active. We also have integrated Moodle with our SIMS/R system (see We also have courses that have more than 1,300+ students in one course with lots of quizzes (20+) and quiz attempts. The student population in SFSU covers the range from undergraduate, graduate, and first professional students.


Tunghai University

  • More then 17,000 registed Users
  • 16,000 users login in one day( Max. )
  • 3,000 courses per semester
  • integration with novell ichan for single sign on
  • integration with school support system

our moodle web site: [1]