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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.2. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Files.

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[[File handling]] is the best place to learn about files in 2.0.
The [[File picker]] assists students and teachers in uploading, downloading and organizing files.  The the File picker uses [[Repositories]] that can contain PDFs, HTML, Multimedia, word processing, presentations or any digital contentfiles that can be linked from an [[Teacher_documentation#Activity_modules|activity]], [[Teacher_documentation#Resources|resource]], [[Course sections|course section]], or for a direct download by the student. 
Please choose one of the following links:
==Files in Moodle 2.0==
*[[Working with files]]
*[[File]] - How to share a single file with students
For those who have come from an older version of Moodle. The "files" link is gone from the course administration but do not panic. The [[File picker]] will show up when there is a need to add or edit a file.  For example, when a teacher wants to add an image, they might select "add" in the content area of the "Updating a resource" page and the file picker popup window will appear.
*[[Course files]] - About the legacy "Course files" area in Moodle 2
Courses that have been upgraded to 2.0 will see a "Legacy course files" link in the course settings menu.  "Legacy course files" link only exists for upgraded courses. 
==Student views of files==
Using the add resource menu, the teacher can give access to a directory (folder) and everything under it.
==Special areas==
Files made by a[[Course backup]] are not available to students and teachers without the correct [[Permissions]] attached to their [[Roles]]. If available to the user, these will be found in the course administration menu.
==See also==
*[[File manager block]] - contributed code block that manages files and includes students
*[[Development:Using_the_file_API|File API]] - for developers.
*[[Moodledata directory]] for site administrators - this had changed in 2.0  .

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