Common course editing icons

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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.2. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Common course editing icons.

In a course, after the "Turn editing on" button is clicked, you will see new icons that appear next to an activitys, resource and in the block header.

Note these icons may look different because of the Theme.

Edit.gif - the edit icon lets you alter/update whatever resource or activity it is next to by taking you to its setup page.
Copy icon.gif - the duplicate icon lets you make a copy of that resource or activity. (2.1 and later only)
Help.gif - the help icon will pop-up a relevant help window.
Open.gif - the open-eye icon means an item is visible to students. Clicking it will make the item invisible to participants and change the icon to the closed eye.
Closed.gif - the closed-eye icon means an item is hidden from students. Clicking it will make the item visible to participants and change the icon to the open eye.
Roles icon.gif - the assign roles icon, jumps to locally assigned roles for the activity.
Right.gif - the left icon is used to outdent course elements. There is also a right icon for indenting items.
Move.gif - the move icon allows course elements to be moved up or down throughout the course.
Movehere.gif - the move here icon appears when moving a course element. It appears only after you've clicked the move icon, and indicates the destination of the item you're moving.
Delete.gif - the delete icon will permanently delete something from the course after you confirm a warning on a second page.
Marker.gif - the marker icon allows you to make a section current.
One.gif - the one icon hides all other sections of the course, showing only this one.
All.gif - the all icon redisplays all sections in a course.