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[[Category:Contributed code]]
[[Category:Contributed code]]
[[es:Tipo de pregunta Objetos calculados]]

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This a contributed Moodle question type which extends the Calculated question type.

Wild cards

Teachers can create questions like,

  How much is {apples} + {oranges}?

- where the {wildcards} become M and N × images of apples and oranges respectively. It is aimed at pre/primary-school students (approximately age 3-10).


Currently supported wildcards: apple, orange, pear, pineapple, walnut, cookie (each with or without an 's', eg. {cookies} and with an optional differentiator). For example,

  {apples_1} - {apples_2}

Tested with Moodle 1.9.7.

(Author N.D.Freear, 14 August 2010.)


  1. Download and unzip the archive. Copy the directory 'calculatedobjects' into the directory {MOODLE}/question/type/ on your server.
  2. Visit the administrator 'notifications' page, http://my.school/moodle/admin/ - there are no database changes for this question type.

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