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CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are used to control the way web pages look.  By changing a CSS definition, the change is made on every Moodle webpage that uses that definition.   
CSS files are located in the [[Theme|theme]] folder being used by Moodle. The normal Moodle practice is to have 3 main CSS files: [[CSS styles_ color.css|styles_color]], [[CSS styles_layout.css|styles_layout]], [[CSS styles_fonts.css|styles_fonts]].  When a CSS definition is not found in a theme CSS file, the CSS files located in the standard theme serves as the default. 
There may also be CSS files for Internet Explorer, Mozilla or other internet browsers.
==Basic Moodle page parts==
A web page is broken up into pieces or elements.  Not every page contains the same parts.
These parts or elements include: core, forms, header, footer,admin, blocks, blog, calendar, course, doc, grades, login, message, notes, mymoodle, question, tabs, tags, user and many of the modules.
==Basic CSS files==
*[[CSS styles_ layout.css]] contains the layout specifications for various page elements. 
*[[CSS styles_color.css]] contains the colors used in the page elements.
*[[CSS styles_fonts.css]] defines the fonts used in the page elements.
== See Also ==
* [[CSS FAQ]]
* [[CSS styles moz.css]]
* [[Themes]]
* [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cascading_Style_Sheets Wikipedia Cascading Style Sheets]
* [http://www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp W3schools]

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