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:Allows uploading multiple files.
:Allows uploading multiple files.
;[http://cdc.humboldt.edu/moodle/mod/resource/view.php?id=21 Review assignment] (by Humboldt University)
;[http://cdc.humboldt.edu/moodle/mod/resource/view.php?id=21 Review assignment] (by Humboldt State University)
:A new assignment type that adds the ability to send back to the student a graded copy of their file. For Moodle 1.5.
:A new assignment type that adds the ability to send back to the student a graded copy of their file. For Moodle 1.5.

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Assignments allow the teacher to grade various types of student submissions.


Moodle supports plug-in assignment types.

Official types

There are three official types:

A student can upload a single file. This could be a Word document, spreadsheet or anything digital. Multiple files could be zipped and then submitted.
Online Text
This assignment type asks users to edit a text, using the normal editing tools. Teachers can grade them online, and even add inline comments or changes.
Offline assignment
This is useful when the assignment is performed outside of Moodle. It could be something elsewhere on the web or face-to-face. Students can see a description of the assignment, but can't upload files or anything. Grading works normally, and students will get notifications of their grades.

Contrib modules

These assignment types have been contributed by users:

Group Assignment (by Patrick Jermann)
One user uploads the file but all the members of his or her group "benefit" from the submission.
uploadmulti (by Brian Jones)
Allows uploading multiple files.
Multiple Files Upload (by Gustav W Delius)
Allows uploading multiple files.
Review assignment (by Humboldt State University)
A new assignment type that adds the ability to send back to the student a graded copy of their file. For Moodle 1.5.
Form (by Michael Robellard)
allows students to enter information in a form (multiple textarea boxes) and then the teacher can grade each textarea with a number of points (or other grading scale) and give a comment for each form field

See also

Assignment - Read Only Personal Report Access for Students

  • Use to provide access to secure personalised student information such as reports. (Needs to be moved to a seperate page - How ??)
  • Using "Upload a single file" Assignment to provide individual report access for students:
  • Create report files commencing with the moodle user code (easier to create correct "batch" command file with code at start of filename)
  • Create pdf files from all reports (pdf's with the right security settings reduce the likelihood of tampering with final reports cf. other editable files)
  • Open moodle database table mdl_user and copy the fields id and username to a spreadsheet file for manipulation e.g.
    • 2 admin
    • 3 tsp80902
    • 4 che
  • Use a spreadsheet formula to construct the correct command lines to create a folder with the moodle id and move the file starting with the matching username into the new folder:
    • e.g. for Excel in a Windows environment use : ="mkdir"&A2&"CarraigeReturn"&"move "&B2&"_2006_MidSem2.pdf "&A2
    • mkdir2CarraigeReturnmove admin_2006_MidSem2.pdf 2
    • mkdir3CarraigeReturnmove tsp80902_2006_MidSem2.pdf 3
    • mkdir4CarraigeReturnmove che_2006_MidSem2.pdf 4
  • Use an editor to replace the "CarraigeReturn" marker with a real carraige return, and insert a space after the "mkdir" command:
    • mkdir 2
    • move admin_2006_MidSem2.pdf 2
    • mkdir 3
    • move tsp80902_2006_MidSem2.pdf 3
    • mkdir 4
    • move che_2006_MidSem2.pdf 4
  • Go to the course where you want to add the documents and note the course id from the URL displayed in the browser:
  • Create an "Upload a single file" Assignment in moodle
  • Upload an marker file for yourself as a test.
  • Update the assignment witht the "available" and "due" dates in the past (so students cannot upload their own amended report !) and check the "Prevent Late Submissions" box.
  • Use a file explorer to go to the moodledata folder and look for this course, then open moddate (module data) and open the last assignment. You should see a folder created with your id that should contain the marker file that you uploaded.
  • Paste all the files that you want to allow studenst to access in the assignment folder:
    • e.g. \\infonet\c$\Webstore\moodledata\5\moddata\assignment\112
  • Paste the batch file in the dame folder
  • Add a line at the start of the batch file to make it start in the correct physical network folder when it starts making new folders: e.g.
    • net use /d R:
    • net use R: \\infonet\c$\Webstore\moodledata\5\moddata\assignment\125
    • cd /d R:\
  • the final batch command file should look like:
    • net use /d R:
    • net use R: \\infonet\c$\Webstore\moodledata\5\moddata\assignment\125
    • cd /d R:\
    • mkdir 9
    • move bou0010_2006_MidSem2.pdf 9
    • mkdir 10
    • move wol0002_2006_MidSem2.pdf 10
    • mkdir 11
    • etc.....
  • Run the batch file, and the folders will be created as if the students had uploaded their own reports themselves.
  • Open moodle database table mdl_assignment_submissions and copy the database record of your marker file as a template.
    • e.g id=11823; assignment=125 userid = 6; timecreated = 1157503128 ; timemodified = 1157503128 ; numfiles=1 data1=(blank) data2=(blank) grade=-1 comment=(blank) format=0; teacher=0; timemarked=0; mailed=0
  • Paste the record into a spreadsheet and then paste the list of moodle id's under the userid field; increment the mdl_assignmnet id by one for every user; fill down the same assignment number and all other fields: e.g.
    • 11823 125 6 1157503128 1157503128 1 -1 0 0 0 0
    • 11824 125 2 1157503128 1157503128 1 -1 0 0 0 0
    • 11825 125 3 1157503128 1157503128 1 -1 0 0 0 0
    • 11826 125 4 1157503128 1157503128 1 -1 0 0 0 0
    • 11827 125 5 1157503128 1157503128 1 -1 0 0 0 0
    • 11828 125 6 1157503128 1157503128 1 -1 0 0 0 0
  • These records ensure that the database "knows" that there are documents already submitted into the assignment so that students can read but not change the document.