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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Video.

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Thinking aloud

Connection between built in players and browser based or system based players



These take items like a Youtube link and process them . . For more details see [Filters]

Ways to deploy media

Add a resource > URL

See also xxx

Example: (given that the Youtube filter is switched ON) if you insert a URL to a Youtube video, then it embeds the video with the play/pause links (etc)

Insert media link in Editor

Example: if you are adding a label, and you insert some media, the filters will display . . .

Insert link in the editor


Add a resource > File

How the various options work:

  1. (2.1 2010701) Upload an SWF file, accept all defaults.

File opens in Flowplayer, seems to resize, no scrubber, when finished, there is no link back to where you were.

  1. (2.1) Upload MP4 file, accept all defaults

There are several options for display

File Display Options.png

The choice here will determine how the video plays.

  1. Automatic: seems to call Flowplayer and open video with scrubber. Downside: you do immediately loose navigation back to your original section.
  2. Embed
  3. In frame
  4. Force download
  5. Open
  6. Pop-up