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Pierce College Mini Oral Presentation & Research Paper English 101 Instructor: Liz Navarro Mobile: (818) 333-3333; email: kmer06@yahoo.com Office Hours: MW 1:00-2:00pm by appointment

California was recently awarded a large stimulus money to help the current economic crisis our state is suffering. President Obama has decided that a large sum of this monies be awarded to the Employment Development Department to help those individuals that have lost their jobs. The EDD has partner with different organizations to better assist the public.

Write at leas a five-page paper regarding the duties and obligations the EDD has with the community. You will need to cite three different sources, any sources. Your research paper must be typed and double spaced and it should include a cover page as well as a citation page. Your paper must answer the following questions:

1. What was the stimulus amount that President Obama awarded to the EDD? 2. What is the Wagner-Peyser Act and when was it established? 3. What is EDD’s mission? 4. Name one of EDD’s mandated WIA partners and describe what WIA stands for. 5. Name one of EDD’s non-mandated partner’s. 6. What is the automated labor exchange system for California service? 7. What is LMI and how does it work? 8. What are the general criteria that individuals must meet in order to benefit from the Wagner-Peyser Act. Your paper must answer ALL these questions chronologically. The assignment is due July 25, 2009. Please turn in your assignment during class, no email assignments will be accepted. NO late assignments!

Be prepared to present your paper in front of your classmates for at least five minutes. Please limit the usage of visuals, which by the way are optional. Your presentation’s main focus is the findings of the above-mentioned questions. You can use charts to enhance your presentation and research paper.