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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Frank Ralf/Git.

(Cloning Moodle to your local installation)
(Moodle branches)
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=== Moodle branches ===
=== Moodle branches ===
[[File:Git remote Moodle branches.png]]
[[File:Git remote Moodle branches.png]]
=== Checkout ===
[[File:Git checkout MOODLE 19 STABLE.png]]
== Updating your Moodle installation ==
== Updating your Moodle installation ==

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Cloning Moodle to your local installation

Git cloning Moodle.png

Cloning to a new folder

Git cloning Moodle new folder.png

Moodle branches

Git remote Moodle branches.png


Git checkout MOODLE 19 STABLE.png

Updating your Moodle installation

git fetch

Git fetch.png

Maintaining your own contributed code

Setting up a remote repository on GitHub

See the instructions at:

Cloning the remote GitHub repository to your local Moodle installation

  1. Change to the parent folder for your plug-in
  2. Clone the repository:
    git clone https://nakohdo@GitHub.com/nakohdo/moodle-filter_autolinkhijacker.git
  3. Rename the folder to your plug-in's name
  4. Open Git Bash in that folder

Creating a local branch

  1. Open Git Bash in the plug-in folder
  2. Create new branch:
    git branch MOODLE_19_STABLE
  3. Change to the new branch:
    git checkout MOODLE_19_STABLE
    • Both steps in one:
      git checkout -b MOODLE_19_STABLE

Creating a remote branch

Note: It might be better using "remote" first to create the remote branch. And usually it's best if both branches have the same name. --Frank Ralf 12:59, 18 July 2011 (WST)

  1. Change to the correct local branch
  2. git push origin -u MOODLE_19_STABLE
    Using different names for local and remote branch:
    $ git push origin  local_19_STABLE:MOODLE_19_STABLE

Git creating remote branch.png

Deleting a remote branch

$ git push origin :testbranch


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