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The following people have helped with [[QA testing|Quality Assurance (QA) testing]]:
==Moodle 2.0 QA Cycle 1==
Andrea Bicciolo, Ashley Blakeston, Anthony Borrow, Stephen Bourget, Mónico Briseño Cortés, Chris Collman, Mary Cooch, Emanuel Delgado, Debra Dotson, Buddy Ethridge, Teresa Gibbison, Amy Groshek, Elena Ivanova, Matt Jenner, Brent Lee, Nicolas Martignoni, Colin Matheson, Mark McCall, Chad Outten, Joseph Rézeau, Michael Spall, Joseph Thibault, Jon Witts
==Moodle 2.0 QA Cycle 2==
Jes Ackland-Snow, Andrea Bicciolo, Ashley Blakeston, Anthony Borrow, Mónico Briseño Cortés, James Brisland, Alan Peter Carter, Colin Chambers, Chris Collman, Emanuel Delgado, Debra Dotson, Anthony Forth, Helen Foster, Teresa Gibbison, Elena Ivanova, Mahmoud Kassaei, Tomaz Lasic, Sam Marshall, Nicolas Martignoni, Colin Matheson, David Mudrak, Chad Outten, Pierre Pichet, Jason Platts, Joseph Rézeau, Alan Thompson, Bryan Waddington, Derek Woolhead
==Moodle 2.1 QA Cycle 1==
Glenn Ansley, Aparup Banerjee, Melissa Benson, Anthony Borrow, Stephen Bourget, Lynn Clark, Mary Cooch, Andrew Davis, Sue Demoor, Michael de Raadt, Debra Dotson, Moronke Fajobi, Jean-Marc Ferring, Teresa Gibbison, Marina Glancy, Stephan Green, Tzu-Chiao Hung, Andre Kruger, Brent Lee, Colin Matheson, Mark McCall, David Mudrak, Chad Outten, Vinit Prajapati, Joseph Rézeau, Adam Sanders, Lesli Smith, Javier Sola, Erin Sorensen, Michael Spall, Kristian Still, Rajesh Taneja, Paul Tosney, Steve Turley, Jon Witts, Massimo Zunino
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