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<pre>[12:57:16] andreibautu says: I've read the info from the links you send me.
[12:57:21] Penny Leach says: yep
[12:57:30] Penny Leach says: and you were in the second developer meeting I think with Petr and Eloy
[12:57:39] andreibautu says: the new db layer looks very nice
[12:57:46] andreibautu says: yes, but I missed the next one.
[12:57:51] Penny Leach says: ah that's probably ok
[12:57:58] Penny Leach says: I missed it too, I was getting ready for my move
[12:58:05] Penny Leach says: by the one you had I think most things have become final
[12:58:11] Penny Leach says: and landed in cvs HEAD as well.
[12:58:32] Penny Leach says: I think there is another one Monday morning that I will also miss, I will be driving back from munich then
[12:58:38] andreibautu says: will the XMLDB change also?
[12:58:47] Penny Leach says: yes
[12:58:51] andreibautu says: I'll catch that one.
[12:58:52] Penny Leach says: eloy has been updating the bug
[12:59:18] Penny Leach says: just trying to find it
[12:59:19] andreibautu says: including the schema of the xml files?
[12:59:24] Penny Leach says: no
[12:59:24] Penny Leach says: not schema
[12:59:34] andreibautu says: only the implementation, then.
[13:00:11] Penny Leach says: http://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-14863
[13:00:38] andreibautu says: did you look at the project's wiki page? it looks kind of empty to me, but I don't know what else should go there. any suggestions?
[13:00:43] Penny Leach says: I did look
[13:00:46] Penny Leach says: I asked Petr to look also
[13:01:49] Penny Leach says: I think it's ok , you're right it isn't that long but I don't think the sqlite subclass is that complex and probably doesn't need further specification - what I think *does* need more specification before you start coding is the translation between different database types. you can use xmldb schema for the schema but what about the data ?
[13:02:00] Penny Leach says: and also it would be good to get a feel for the UI for translating between databases
[13:02:49] andreibautu says: a UI mockup?
[13:03:08] Penny Leach says: not necessarily that much unless you want to.. probably just a description of screens and what will be on them and what if any options
[13:03:21] andreibautu says: aha.
[13:03:22] Penny Leach says: and also where the code functions are for export/import
[13:04:29] andreibautu says: I was thinking to make it look like the UI of the database step in moodle's install.
[13:04:36] Penny Leach says: ah ah.
[13:04:39] Penny Leach says: ah ha, even
[13:04:41] Penny Leach says: sounds ok to me
[13:04:52] andreibautu says: will it require more options than that?
[13:05:02] Penny Leach says: I'm not sure
[13:05:06] Penny Leach says: maybe exclude logs
[13:05:14] Penny Leach says: option, I mean
[13:05:18] andreibautu says: yes. that could be.
[13:05:26] Penny Leach says: have you been through moodle's backup and restore function? it asks to exclude logs because they're big
[13:05:41] andreibautu says: yes.
[13:05:47] andreibautu says: I've used them.
[13:05:50] Penny Leach says: another thing is... if this is used to transfer data between databases and potentially servres
[13:05:51] Penny Leach says: servers
[13:06:13] Penny Leach says: you need to remember that files need to shift too - you could print a message saying "make sure if you are shifting this to another server to include the data directory"
[13:06:31] Penny Leach says: oh and if you're transferring *into* postgres, you need to make sure you reset sequences to their proper value
[13:06:39] Penny Leach says: at the end
[13:06:42] Penny Leach says: similar to what a pgdump does
[13:06:44] Penny Leach says: not sure about the others
[13:06:56] Penny Leach says: probably not mysql but don't know about oracle and mssql - that'll need some research
[13:07:15] Penny Leach says: eloy can probably help there, I don't know about proprietary databases.
[13:07:22] Penny Leach says: I would think you'd need to with oracle.
[13:07:25] andreibautu says: should this tool allow transfer betweem servers?
[13:07:45] andreibautu says: I was thinking to have the same installation but switch only the database.
[13:07:55] Penny Leach says: well, if you're allowing transferring data between database types people could potentially use it for moving to another server as well.
[13:07:58] Penny Leach says: hm.
[13:08:02] Penny Leach says: yes
[13:08:05] Penny Leach says: if you're moving to a test server, for example
[13:08:09] Penny Leach says: which was the original case for using sqlite
[13:08:20] Penny Leach says: I could use this to backup my production site and then restore on my workstation to debug
[13:08:21] andreibautu says: ok. I'll check on that.
[13:08:36] andreibautu says: but then the links in the content might get broken.
[13:08:53] Penny Leach says: what do you mean ?
[13:08:57] Penny Leach says: it would have the same ids
[13:09:13] Penny Leach says: you would have to insert everything using hte same ids as originally have and then push the sequence out to the end
[13:09:17] andreibautu says: I'm refering to the HTML links.
[13:09:18] Penny Leach says: rather than re-keying everything
[13:09:28] Penny Leach says: oh well that's the same problem as if the domain changes
[13:09:41] Penny Leach says: people should be using relative links anyway
[13:09:43] Penny Leach says: hm. but
[13:09:48] Penny Leach says: backup and restore rewrites urls
[13:10:23] andreibautu says: htmlarea does not uses relative urls.
[13:10:31] Penny Leach says: yes, I think they get rewritten
[13:10:47] andreibautu says: I had to make some hacks to have our installations function properly.
[13:11:13] andreibautu says: ok. I'll take a closer look at the backup/restore tools.
[13:11:17] Penny Leach says: I think that at the point you try and point moodle at one of these files ( I think you would have to do this during installation step ) it'll know its new url and check to see if its the same and rewrite some content before restoring into new database
[13:11:27] Penny Leach says: which means you would add a manifest to the export files
[13:11:31] andreibautu says: they seem to have lots of usefull tips for me ;)
[13:11:46] Penny Leach says: manifest + xml schema + data = moodle content transfer
[13:12:08] Penny Leach says: the manifest should contain some data about the original environment like moodle version maybe and original database type and also base url.
[13:12:16] Penny Leach says: this is the sort of thing we should be specifying ont he wiki page.
[13:12:36] Penny Leach says: I think maybe attaching the log of the skype chat would help :)
[13:13:05] andreibautu says: ok. I'll save it :)
[13:13:23] Penny Leach says: hopefully this gives you a good starting point to write the specification for this part
[13:13:31] Penny Leach says: I think this is harder and more fuzzy than the sqlite part.
[13:13:33] andreibautu says: yes. it does.
[13:13:46] Penny Leach says: but also we will be doing the sqlite part first while this can be further fleshed out
[13:13:51] andreibautu says: yes. it looks like for now.
[13:13:55] Penny Leach says: but getting as much as possible spec'd by the 26th is good
[13:13:55] Penny Leach says: :)
[13:15:05] andreibautu says: does moodle in head uses the new dblayer now?
[13:15:17] Penny Leach says: yes
[13:15:19] Penny Leach says: oh
[13:15:20] Penny Leach says: use
[13:15:28] Penny Leach says: not sure if the switchover is done, but the new libraries are in place
[13:15:49] andreibautu says: yes, I see.</pre>

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