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Content from longer menu?

By foreshortening the scorm template menu you're losing a lot of content to which we routinely refer people... is that content going to be worked back in somewhere? I would like users to be able to navigate to it themselves in some fashion, so that they at least have the opportunity to help themselves before asking questions already answered elsewhere... would've been nice to know the menu was going to be chopped... instead, menu has been chopped and old content not incorporated into new pages. More work for me, moving the content over...?


Hi Amy. Sorry but I have no idea why some pages did not transfer over, will investigate. I certainly have not deleted ANY content (as Helen pointed out in the forum, IF any losses there are totally unintentional).

What I have done:

  • Moved Adding/editing_a_SCORM to SCORM settings - The page refers to actions BEFORE the activity is opened to course participants.
  • Moved Viewing a SCORM to Using SCORM - The page refers to actions AFTER the activity is opened to participants.

All those links still work, they just display the second named page.


Consistency with the rest of the templates for ALL activities (SCORM is an activity after all), as outlined in the notes. We are not losing content as you suggest, and you can still add pages too.

The (new) templates are simply a way to ensuring a particular and familiar way to organise information (arguably an easier way to find information across the Docs, not just SCORM) across ALL activities. Forum, Wiki, Database etc will all have the same structure, see this post ) people will of course still be able to 'help themselves' as you point out.

Feel free to rewrite the content and link (prominently or less so) to the pages you create or edit but I do hope that you see the rationale for my actions as well. --Tomaz Lasic 14:33, 8 June 2011 (WST)


Old template - Scorm (now cleared
New template - SCORM (name is the same as the old one, only uppercase...)
Brief, general intro page (appx 100-300 words; 7 - 20 sentences), visuals most welcome. 
Point the user to items that can be found on the template menu (box on the right) and what they contain.
SCORM_module - OU, Nov 10, OK but very technical (Clinton gets a mention?), need a simple 'what does it do?' with a pic, example