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'''This project was an original [[GSOC/2008#Automatic_accessibility_checking|GSoC 2008]] project, but it was cancelled because the student failed to deliver sufficient code.'''
<p class="note">This page is a ''specification under construction''! If you have any comments or suggestions, please [[Talk:Student projects/Automatic accessibility checking|share them with us]].''</p>
==Original Idea==
<p>This tool is used to make validating Moodle pages on the fly. It is a one click system on the client that takes the html source of the current page and submits it to W3C for validation. It then returns the errors and warnings in a simple GUI for easy reading and fixing.</p>
===JavaScript Version===
* Multi-browser support
* Handling html source code in a JavaScript variable. (addslashes would be something to look into for JavaScript)
===PHP Version===
* Ajax calls conflict when given the correct state. ''Reproduce - unknown''
* Make an experimental option in Moodle Admin to activate/deactivate
* Ability to include on every page
* Research
** What is the maximum length of a POST with multipart/form-data? ''8M post data, and 2M upload data.''
* Core Development
** UML
*** UML version 1
** PoC
*** PoC in Javascript of how to use a concrete SOAP library
*** Javascript Skeleton Version 1 (directly to the recycle bin)
*** PoC in Javascript on how to take the whole source code of the current HTML.
*** PoC in PHP of W3C SOAP API Version 2: uploaded_file method. The document to validate, POSTed as multipart/form-data.
**** Fix browser capability for the PoC in Javascript (Get complete source) Tested in IE 7, Firefox 2, Firefox 3 on a Windows XP Pro, still looking for a user with Mac osX.
*** PoC in JAvascript on how to take the whole source code of the current HTML from an external javascript file.
*** PoC in PHP of W3C SOAP API Version 1: URI method
** Draw version 1
** GUI version 2
==See also==
*Bug Tracker: MDL-15589
*[http://code.google.com/soc/2008/moodle/appinfo.html?csaid=33AE1548BF81E3CF Automatic accessibility checking application abstract]
*Using Moodle [http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=92861 GSOC: Automatic Accessibility Checking] forum discussion

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