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<p class="note">'''Note''': This page outlines ideas for the Animated grade statistics report project. It's a ''specification under construction''! If you have any comments or suggestions, please add them to the [[Talk:Student projects/Animated grade statistics report|page comments]].''</p>
==Original Idea Summary==
Use the [http://flare.prefuse.org/ Flare library] to develop some cool and useful visualisation of information in the Moodle gradebook.  This can be designed as a Grade Report plugin (grade/report/visual) for Moodle 1.9.  To be really flexible and extensible, this should be built in several modular parts: ''harvesters'' to collect information (e.g., "grade entered"), ''reporters'' to summarize and normalize information, and ''adapters'' to feed that information into different visualization engines (so that if anyone ever wants to replace Flare, or if Flare changes, damage will be localized).
'''Student''': [http://moodle.org/user/view.php?id=544902&course=1 Daniel Servos]
'''Mentors''': [http://moodle.org/user/view.php?id=521521&course=1 Greg Wilson], [http://moodle.org/user/view.php?id=51473&course=5 Anthony Borrow] and [http://moodle.org/user/view.php?id=240338&course=5 Nicolas Connault]
*Finished first version of grade/report/stats
*Finished first version of grade/report/visual
==Scope and Goals==
===Primary Focus===
*Grades, statistics and visualizations covering a signal course
*Statistics relating to grades, gradable items and outcomes
*Aimed at usage by teacher and/or instructor teaching courses
*Aimed at students viewing there grade and there standing in there class
*Made for Moodle 2.0
===Secondary Focus===
*Grades, statistics and visualizations over multiple courses, years, programs, etc
*Statics relating to things out side of grades such as posts, views, replies, submission time, number of submissions, age and other student information, etc
*Aimed at usage by program and school administrators
*Made for Moodle 1.9.X
===Tertiary Focus===
*Statistic relating to instructors and courses such as drop out rates, work load, pass/fail rate, etc
==Core Functions and Requirements==
*Developed as two grade book plug ins for Moodle 2.0 and then back ported to 1.9.X
**grade/report/stats - for text based statistics reports
**grade/report/visual - for visualisation of grade statistics through graphs
*Provide additional statistics about grades and outcomes
**For overall class
**For groups overall
**For gradable items (groups and/or all groups together per item)
**For outcomes per student, and per group in that course
**Statistics such as:
***Standard Deviation
*Options to set each statistic viewable by role in class
*Options for how to deal with incomplete assignments
*Export ability
*Easy to add new statistics
*Printable version
*Provide visual statistical information about grades and outcomes
*Options to set each visualisation visible or not by role in class
*Correlations between groups and individuals
*Customizable and flexible
**Change graph type
**Invert graph
**Change what is being compared
**Change axis and scale
**Exploratory Environment
*Easy and natural to use
*Find me (student) in data
*Export ability
*Use flare
*Easy to change graphing engine
*Easy to add new graph types, correlations and statistics
*Options for dealing with incomplete assignments
===Main Visualizations===
====Grade Distribution/Histogram====
====Items vs Average, Highest, Lowest, Median, Mode and Standard Deviation====
====Assignment/Test/Quiz Questions vs Average Grade====
====Assignment/Test/Quiz Questions Grade Distribution/Histogram====
====% Pass/Fail vs Items and Overall====
Capability to see the stats report.
Capability to see the visual report.
==Database Structures==
===Rows to be added===
Rows to be added to existing tables:
*'''capabilities''' - Add row for gradereport/stats:view capability
*'''capabilities''' - Add row for gradereport/visual:view capability
*'''role_capabilities''' - Add rows for gradereport/stats:view role capability
*'''role_capabilities''' - Add rows for gradereport/visual:view role capability
==Interface Mockups==
==Tasks and Timeline==
*Develop and finalize specifications. - '''By May 26th.'''
*Create basic gradebook report plugin (grade/report/stats) for displaying text based statistics. - '''By Mid/Early June.'''
**Make ''harvesters'' to collect raw data needed for statistics.
**Make ''reporters'' to summarize and normalize information for statistics.
**Add options to control viewing of stats by roll in class.
**Add customization options.
*Create gradebook report plugin (grade/report/visual) for displaying charts and graphs using flare. - '''By Mid July'''
**Make ''adapters'' to interface with flare.
**Make the visualizations using flare.
**Add options to control viewing of stats by roll in class.
**Add customization options.
*Add export functionality of reports to other document types. - '''By August.'''
*Testing and debugging. - '''By August.'''
*Back port plugin to moodle 1.9.X. - '''By August 11th.'''
**Testing and debugging for plugin for 1.9.X.
*Scrub code, final tests, improve documentation. - '''By August 18th.'''
{| border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0"
|A graph, chart or other visual representation of grade data or statistics created using flare.
|A collection of ActionScript 3 classes for building a wide variety of interactive visualizations on the web.
|Part of the code that deals with collecting raw data needed by the reporters to create statistics for the report.
|Part of the code that deals with taking the raw data from the harvesters and creating statistics needed for the report.
|Part of the code that deals with taking the raw data and statistics from the harvesters and reporters and interfacing with flare to create visualisations of the data/statistics.
==See also==
*[http://code.google.com/soc/2008/moodle/appinfo.html?csaid=D052C427397D21C5 Animated grade statistics report application abstract]
*[http://tracker.moodle.org/browse/CONTRIB-477 Animated grade statistics report issue in tracker]
*[http://hackerdan.com Student's development blog about the project]
*[http://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-13501 Tracker issue related to original project idea]
*[http://flare.prefuse.org/ Flare library]

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