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{{Moodle 1.8}}
#redirect [[Site administration]]
The site administration block is seen on the home page of the Moodle site by administrators. This block was reorganized in Moodle 1.7.  The page index will guide you to the sub categories under each of the major headings.
==General Links==
[[Image:Block_Site_administration.JPG|frame|left|Site Administration block menu 1.8]]
*'''Links in Moodle Docs'''
**[[Notification page|Notifications]]
**Location: [[Location settings]], [[Update timezones|Timezone]]
**[[Activity modules administration|Modules]]
**[[Front Page]]
**[[Site_administration_block#Server|Server]] Proposed page [[Server links {administrator)]]
**Miscellaneous: [[Experimental]] and [[XMLDB editor|Moodle global word editor
This links to a page with several purposes.
*[[Cron]] can be run from this page if it's not automated
*The site's [[Moodle version]], copyright, acknowledgments and GNU license information can be found here
*If a new version of Moodle has been loaded, notification can begin the install process
*There is a [[Moodle registration]] request and link
[[Users]] page has a site admin block section
**[[Manage authentication]]
**[[Email-based self-registration]]
**[[Manual accounts]]
**[[No login]]
**[[Browse list of users]]
**Bulk user actions (add/send message,delete, display list, download)
**[[Edit profile|Add a new user]]
**[[Upload users]]
**User profile fields (create new fields for user profile)
**[[Enrolment plugins]] (was moved to Course folder in 1.8)
**[[Manage roles|Define roles]]
**[[Assign roles]]
**[[User policies]]
The site administration block under the courses folder has
*[[Add/edit courses]] link will also [[Add/edit course categories]]
*[[Enrolment plugins|Enrollment]] (settings page)
*[[Course request]]
*[[Backup settings]]
*[[Location settings]]
*[[Update timezones]]
*[[Language settings]]
*[[Language editing]]
*[[Language packs]]
*[[Activity modules administration|Activities]]
*[[Blocks administration|Blocks]]
*[[Site policies]]
*[[HTTP security]]
*[[Module security]]
*Themes folder
**[[Themes|Theme selector]]
**[[Theme settings]]
*[[Calendar settings|Calendar]]
*[[Filter settings]]
*[[HTML editor]]
*[[Moodle Docs]]
*[[My Moodle]]
*[[Course managers]]
*[[Sticky blocks]]
==Front Page==
[[Front Page]] is often administered as a type of course. 
*[[Front Page settings]]
*[[Assign_roles#Locations_that_assign_roles|Front Page roles]] Assign roles page
*[[Course backup|Front Page backup]] Course backup page
*[[Restore|Front Page restore]] General Restore page
*[[Site files]]
*[[System paths]]
*[[Email settings|Email]]
*[[Session handling]]
*[[HTTP security|HTTP]]
*[[Maintenance mode]]
*[[PHP|PHP info]]
*[[MNet|Peers]] Moodle Network page
*[[MNet|SSO Access Control]] Moodle Network page
*[[MNet|XML-RPC hosts]] Moodle Network page
*[[Course overview reports|Course overview]]
*[[Development:Unit tests|Unit tests]]
*[[XMLDB editor]]
==See also==
*[[Course administration block]] for settings for each specific course
[[Category: Administrator]]
[[fr:Bloc administration du site]]

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