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Mt Orange School Demo

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Mt Orange is a Moodle demonstration site configured for a fictional school with realistic site-wide items, courses, users and data. You can explore the site in different roles as a student, teacher, principal/manager, parent and more.

The site is reset on the hour every hour so any changes you make are not permanent. If you want more time to play then you can download the whole site as a complete Virtual Machine so you can easily run it on your own laptop or desktop computer. No knowledge of installing Moodle required!

The site, launched in December 2010, is built and maintained by interested 'builders' from Moodle community. We have only just started building demo courses, feel free to join the group at anytime, welcome.

Demo Courses

Demo courses vary slightly from 'regular' courses. They satisfy 4 key criteria:

  • 1. brief & simple content,
  • 2. sound pedagogy (including user data),
  • 3. variety of Moodle core features, and
  • 4. contextual explanations of each activity/course.

Demo courses either completed or under construction on Mt Orange School Demo