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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Lesson reports.


This page is about the Lesson Report tab that is available to a teacher.

  • A teacher in edit mode can click on the "Reports" tab in a lesson.
  • Lesson reports can also be reached from Grades in the course administration menu by clicking on the Lesson name in the column title. Note: the lesson can not be a practice lesson and have a grade to appear in a grades report.
  • Student activity (sometimes called logs) of page views can be seen in the report menu.

The Lesson Reports tab has an Overview (default) and Detailed statistics screen links about student scores and grades.

Lesson Tabs Report18.JPG

Lesson report tab


This screen has two sections.

  • The top section shows all student attempts. By clicking on the specific attempt, the teacher can view the student's answers to specific questions. It is also possible to delete a student attempt by checking the attempt and using the pull down menu to change "Choose" to "Delete".
Example of Overview, click to expand

Note: the "See all course grades" link that goes to the course grade report.

  • The lower section shows lesson statistics of the: Average score, Average time, High score, Low score, High time, Low time.
Example of Overview, click to expand

Detailed statistics

This view shows every page and the choices offered to a student. It tells the teacher what percentage of the class selected each answer on a question page. When viewing an individual's attempt, it shows just that persons choice.

It does not tell the teacher what percentage of students selected a branch table choice, but does show the choice button and where the jump.

Example of Detail from a question page

Grades in lesson

For a lesson to be graded, it must have at least one question where a student can receive a score and the lesson can not be a practice lesson. Grades are calculated when the student has completed a lesson. Grades are kept for every student attempt.

See also Lesson_module#Grading for more help on grading.

Tips and Tricks

  • It is possible to change a grade using the Grades report in the administrative block by using the "turn editing on" button. The "See all course grades" link on the Lesson>Report>Overview menu will take the teacher to the Grades report screen.