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==Croatia (Hrvatska)==
==Croatia (Hrvatska)==
*Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb - [http://omega.ffzg.hr Omega sustav ucenja na daljinu] is used as our faculty-wide e-learning system. Currently running 1.7 stable with more than 2700 users and 150+ courses.
*Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb - [http://omega.ffzg.hr Omega sustav ucenja na daljinu] is used as our faculty-wide e-learning system. Currently running 1.7 stable with more than 3000 users and 180+ courses.
==Czech Republic==
==Czech Republic==

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  • Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College - MonteNet is used as our colleges student intranet and e-learning portal. Currently running 1.6dev with a few extra custom features thrown in.
  • Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College - Compass takes moodle and uses it for a purpose that is a little outside the square. Compass is used as the staff intranet. Each course is refered to as a "Space" and is used by each departmentr to store meating minutes, agendas and teaching documentation. Communications tools such as forums allow to facilitate better teacher communication and the events are used to keep the teachers events online and targeted (e.g. year 9 teachers all know when excursions are on, all english teachers know when reports are due, etc).


  • Sint-Ritacollege We are a school for 12-18 year old students. Currently our database contains about 1600 active users and 130 courses. Always running latest Moodle code since version 1.0.8.

Croatia (Hrvatska)

  • Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb - Omega sustav ucenja na daljinu is used as our faculty-wide e-learning system. Currently running 1.7 stable with more than 3000 users and 180+ courses.

Czech Republic

  • Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Brno - ELF, 16,000+ users total, 4,000+ active users in Spring Term 2006, 600+ courses; using Moodle from April 2003.


  • Tampere Polytechnic or Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu (www.tamk.fi), is a around 5000 student college or "a university of applied sciences" located at Tampere, Finland. Our moodle installation hosts around 2500 active students.
  • Lahti Polytechnic or Lahden ammattikorkeakoulu is also a "university of applied sciences", located at Lahti, Finland. We have about 5400 students, and a Moodle installation called Reppu (Finnish word for "backpack"). We are approaching the 5000 active users mark.


  • We are a 5000 people school, one server, 9 locations and using Moodle for almost three years now: https://studiewijzerplus.nl Every schoolyear we start again with counting the number of users and the automatic counter (thanks Penny!) is now pointing at 3103



  • CICEI - Center of Innovation for the Information Society. We have a production Moodle server having currently 1,042 users in 72 courses covering a wide range of applications (as of February 6, 2006).


  • Centre fri-tic - Center for ICT Integration of Canton de Fribourg. Currently running 1 moodle for teachers and students from k-12 to High school, with more than 2000 users and about 130 courses. The Centre fri-tic is also hosting 9 other moodle installations for specific schools.

United Kingdom

  • Alton College - a Beacon sixth form college with over 2,500 active users.

United States of America

  • Glyphdoctors is a site with over 1200 registered users (as of Feb. 2006) on a shared server host, Open Source Host. It will offer online courses in Egyptology and Egyptian hieroglyphs to the general public. Currently, there is one free public course available and a course in Egyptian hieroglyphs under beta testing with a small number of students.
  • McMurry Universityhas several Moodle instances, the first begun as a pilot project in June, 2005. McMurry is a small (1400 FTE) undergraduate-only institution affiliated with the United Methodist church. Currently the main instance supports 1700 users (650 active), some 60 instructors, and approximately 180 active courses.
  • The Culver Academies has over 1000 registered users in grades 9 - 12. The school has been using Moodle in the classroom since the 2002-2003 school year. Administratively we have a Moodle "course" for faculty-only announcements and materials.
  • Warner Southern College began using Moodle in early 2005 as an experiment to move from a simple webboard system into a full learning management system. The experiment went extremely well and a full transition to Moodle was accomplished in the fall term of 2005. Currently, Warner Southern College has one Moodle instance running with over 1200 registered users (500+ active students, 50+ instructors, 80+ courses and two system administrators) offering associate, bachelor and master of arts degree programs for both traditional site based and full online students. Warner Southern College is a small institution affiliated with the Church of God and accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.