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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Course restore.

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If you have backup files you wish to restore to the system, click on this button.

Make sure you are logged into Moodle and looking at the new (usually empty) course into which you want to transfer materials. In the Administration menu block, click on Restore...

Click on Upload a file. Click on Browse... and locate the backup file you had created above and saved to your desktop (or other location). Choose the backup file you had made and then click Upload this file. You should receive the message "File uploaded successfully."

If you receive a message stating the file is too large to be uploaded, please contact and let them know which course you are backing up and which course it needs to be restored to and they can transfer the backup file for you. Do not continue with these instructions until you hear back from root. Click on Restore. When asked whether you want to continue, click Yes. The details of your backup will be displayed. Click on Continue. In the Restore to: selection box, choose whether to delete the materials in the current course first or to add materials to any existing materials. The default -- and recommended -- option is to add data/materials to the current course. Click on Continue. Click on Restore this course now! The restoration process will begin. Allow it to continue until you see the message "Restore completed successfully." Click on Continue. In the Administration menu block, click Files... Click on the backupdata folder. Click the small check-box in front of the backup file name you created. From the With chosen files... pull-down menu, choose Delete completely.

When asked to confirm whether you want to delete the backup file, click Yes. You may now customize the materials for the new course/term. Don't forget to update due dates, availability of quizzes, etc.