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Adult education and training

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Moodle is frequently used in provision of adult learning/training in many small and large government and business organizations.

SCORM-compliance, completion-tracking, easy provision of essential content for achieving stated competencies, various enrolment and payment options, and the use of social and collaborative features for discussions or projects make Moodle an ideal choice for adult education, training and professional development.


Moodle provides a flexible online training platform for companies and business wishing to maintain high level of training at a reduced cost( travel, time missed in office, etc). These include:

  • Mandatory yearly human resource training
  • Introductory training
  • Robust online testing
  • Public and internal document depositories
  • Central FAQ
  • Certifications
  • Blended learning - reducing face time with asynchronous pre and post online trainings
  • Custom "courses" offered by consultants to their clients or to the public

Useful links for adult educators