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Moodle Docsの検索

There is a search facility located in a block on the left hand side of every Moodle Docs page. You can enter your search text and then click either 'Go' or 'Search'.


If you select Go, or press Enter, it first looks for an article with exactly the given string as its title, and if one is found immediately goes to the indicated article. If Go fails to find an article, it then automatically executes Search.


Search is a full-text search for the given words listing Articles with titles that match first, then articles with matches in the main body of the text.

Note that this search method currently ignores words of three letters or less.

Alternative search options

There are many ways to make searching the Moodle Docs easier and more instantly available when you or your Moodle's users find themselves in need of help. Some of these options may require installing software, either on the server or on the computer used to access Moodle.

Searching Moodle Docs and forums with Google

The search box at the top right of the homepage will search both the contents of the forums and the MoodleDocs wiki at the same time. This search is powered by Google which has some unique search features but this means the results are not updated immediately when the content changes.

Firefox search plugin

You can seach Moodle Docs from the search box in the Firefox browser by downloading a search plugin from here

Mac OS X widget

A dashboard widget for Mac OS X that searches Moodle Docs is also available. See this forum post.

Searching Moodle Docs from your Moodle site

You can search this site from your own moodle site by using the Search MoodleDocs Block