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Attention : vous consultez actuellement la documentation dédiée aux versions 1.x de Moodle. La documentation pour les versions 2.x de Moodle est consultable ici : Code de conduite et celle pour Moodle 3.x est consultable là : Code de conduite

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L'objectif de place where people can get help with and learn about Moodle, and contribute to making Moodle even better. Therefore, in the interests of maintaining a productive learning environment, we request that all participants follow this code of conduct. If you do not wish to do so, you have the right not to participate.

Before posting

The basics

Choose the most appropriate forum to post in

Any posts deemed to be in the wrong forum will be moved. As Moodle does not yet include functionality for informing posters when a thread is moved, if you think your post might have been moved, please try a Google search of to locate it.

If you believe you have posted in the wrong forum or course and wish to have your post moved, please use the contact form (at the bottom of the contacts page) and ask that you post be moved.

Moodle has a friendly and helpful community where you can ask questions. We ask that you first try to solve any problems by reading the forum and then by posting your question before messaging anyone. For those who don't want messages you have the ability to block new messages from unknown users. Please try to return to the forum to finish solving your issue so that all can benefit or at least post any successes you experience.

Choose an informative subject line

Subject lines are like advertisements. You want helpful Moodlers with solutions to your specific problem to find and read more about your issue.

  • Instead of using a subject line like "Urgent help needed!!!" use a subject line which is specific, such as, "Restore stops with error message 'xyz'".

Present facts and background in your post

Helpful Moodlers like posts that tell a short story that includes basic facts.

  • Provide as much relevant background information as you can in your post
  • Remember to state the version of Moodle you are using

For further advice on how to ensure your question is answered, see forums help.

Provide feedback if you solve your problem

In order to help others that may encounter the same problem as you did, rate forum posts as useful and provide a link to the documentation or discussion that helped you. Adding [Solved] to the subject line of your post is also helpful.

Good conduct

Here are some best practices that can be enforced by moderators.

Post your question in one forum only

Posting the same question in multiple forums is of no benefit. It only fragments the support you receive and makes it more difficult for other users to find the correct information in the future when they do a search.

If you really feel your topic falls in two forums (e.g. a major development in the Quiz module that may impact other parts of Moodle), pick the most specific (e.g. Quiz forum) and post a small pointer to the other discussion in the second forum (e.g. General developer forum).

Respect other forum users

Show respect and consideration to others at all times.

Flaming and personal attacks will be deleted. If you come across a post that you feel is inappropriate, please report it to a forum moderator (listed in the forum introduction) or course facilitator or use the contact form.

Please respect the decisions of forum moderators and course facilitators.

Spam and unsolicited advertisements are not allowed

Our Policy on Advertising explains the contexts in which advertising is permitted. In addition, Moodle-related jobs (offered and wanted) may be advertised in the Moodle Jobs database. All other advertising and spam will be deleted. Posts with no substantial content (e.g. "Hi") will also be deleted.

If you come across any unsolicited adverts or spam, please report it to a forum moderator (listed in the forum introduction) or course facilitator or use the contact form.

Code of conduct violations

Posts which violate our code of conduct may be edited, moved to a hidden forum or deleted at the discretion of moderators. Moderators and course facilitators are encouraged to discuss issues in the Facilitators Corner.

Spammers or anyone else who persists in violating our code of conduct will have their account blocked.


Whilst moderators and course facilitators will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every post. All posts made on express the views and opinions of the author and not the moderators or course facilitators (except for posts by these people) and they cannot be held liable.

If you have any comments on our code of conduct please use the talk page or post in the design forum.

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