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The Lightbox Gallery Resource is a contributed module for Moodle 1.8 or later. This resource allows you to create image galleries within your Moodle course. The Lightbox system is a set of scripts than can be used to apply various effects to image galleries.


As a course teacher, you are able to create, edit and delete galleries. The main configuration option involves telling Moodle which directory contains the images you want to include in the gallery. Small thumbnails will then be generated, which are used for the thumbnail view of the gallery.

Clicking on any of the thumbnails brings that image into focus, and allows you to scroll through the gallery at your leisure. Using the Lightbox scripts creates nice transition effects when loading and scrolling through the images.

It is also of note that you can modify permissions on a site- or course-wide level to allow students to directly contribute to the gallery. If a site administrator first modifies the role to enable students to contribute, instructors may then "switch" this capability on or off in their courses.


This plugin was designed to be compatible from Moodle version 1.8 upwards, and as such may not behave the same in older versions. Please select the correct version from the Moodle database of Modules and Plugins for this resource.

Please read the installation instructions in the download!

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