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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 1.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Variables.

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== 接口 ==
== 接口 ==
*''lang'' - If you wish to change any text on your site, it is recommended that a local language pack is created. Please refer to [[Language]] for details
*''lang'' - 如果你想改变任何网站的文本,建设创建本地化语言包。细节请参阅 [[语言]]  
*''timezone'' -  This field is used to set the default timezone used by Moodle. It affects time-related messages on the system such as assignment deadlines. If you have set this and still have time problems, make sure the time is set correctly on the server. Users can also set their timezone, see [[Edit profile]].
*''timezone'' -  这个字段用来设置Moodle的默认时区。 它影响系统中的相关时间信息如课程截止日期。如果你已经设计,但时间仍然有问题,确保服务器时间正确。用户还可以设置自己的时区,请 [[编辑个人资料]].
*''themelist'', ''allowuserthemes'', ''allowcoursethemes'' - Please refer to the [[Theme config|Theme configuration]] for details
*''themelist'', ''allowuserthemes'', ''allowcoursethemes'' - 请参阅 [[主题配置]] 的详细信息
== 操作系统 ==
== 操作系统 ==

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本页是给Moodle 1.6站点的管理员看的(见 Talk:Variables).

注意: 在Moodle以后的版本中,变量(variables)也许在不同的位置。例如,"maxbytes" 变量在网站管理区下的"安全-> 网站策略-> 最大上传文件尺寸"


  • lang - 如果你想改变任何网站的文本,建设创建本地化语言包。细节请参阅 语言
  • timezone - 这个字段用来设置Moodle的默认时区。 它影响系统中的相关时间信息如课程截止日期。如果你已经设计,但时间仍然有问题,确保服务器时间正确。用户还可以设置自己的时区,请 编辑个人资料.
  • themelist, allowuserthemes, allowcoursethemes - 请参阅 主题配置 的详细信息





  • debug - Set debug to on in order to get more information about PHP errors. This is often helpful to an administrator when trying to get more information about an error or problem being experienced. Normally, debug is set to off. For more information about debugging in Moodle 1.7 onwards, see Debugging.