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==Reminder a Moodle Wiki is different than other Wikis==
A Moodle wiki is not a Mediawiki (the kind Moodle documentation uses). It is not as robust and one or two basics are very different. 
A Moodle wiki ONLY USES A PAIR OF SQUARE BRACKETS for a page link :) Other wikis' can use a double bracket.  I admit this is confusing for people like me who use other wikis but that is the way it works in Moodle.  --[[User:chris collman|chris collman]] 17:47, 26 September 2010 (UTC) 
== Clarity?  Some mistake surely? ==
== Clarity?  Some mistake surely? ==

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Reminder a Moodle Wiki is different than other Wikis

A Moodle wiki is not a Mediawiki (the kind Moodle documentation uses). It is not as robust and one or two basics are very different.

A Moodle wiki ONLY USES A PAIR OF SQUARE BRACKETS for a page link :) Other wikis' can use a double bracket. I admit this is confusing for people like me who use other wikis but that is the way it works in Moodle. --chris collman 17:47, 26 September 2010 (UTC)

Clarity? Some mistake surely?

Sorry, it MUST be just me but in my setup (which I think is basic) these instructions don't correlate to what is on the screen in front of me. Could the choice of theme affect things so radically? For instance: the instructions on adding a page "Using search" simply don't work. No option is given to create a page if it is not found by the search engine.

Secondly, the information regarding Adding a Wiki Page --- From a Wiki Page, is bewildering to me. If I figure out how it's done I'll come back and edit it I thought after hours of searching I'd finally found THE core information on Wikis but it's short and confusing. Even the reference to how to make a link ismn't clear. The reference isn't a straightforward hyperlink in the form, http://etc but something else e.g. image:etc. All I get is that the link, however that is to be formatted, must be presented in square brackets. At the moment I can't make any link at all between what's being said here and the reality of doign more than clicking add wiki in the activities box! I'm in 1.8.

Lastly, I'm with Chris on the naming. As you say Helen the title of this page comes from the view, edit, links and history tabs at the top of the body of the Wiki page. But surely this is a cryptic link? A title normally sums up subject matter rather than referring one element of one section of the categorisation of the subject matter. If it were considered that choosing one of the tab headings was neat for some reason then it is more likely that a user would want information on doing something i.e. editing, rather than on looking at something. To look at a wiki requires little expertise. The confusion comes because the page Editing a wiki refers to editing the SETTINGS of a wiki and not the wiki itself. The editing of a book is generally considered to refer to the words on the pages and not the arrangement of the binding, ink, printing press and employment contracts. Sorry if I sound frazzled. I am. but I've been hunting for this information all day and it's clear than there are thousands of people here who take this information as self-evidemnt for some reason and don't seem able to share that knowledge wuth the rest of us. If I can figure it out on my own I'll come back here and sort it. But any help would be appreciated.

Robin Greaves 15:12, 12 October 2007 (CDT)

OK, I've done it. I've deleted the following text. apologies if I've stepped on anyone's toes. So if you want you can just copy and paste it back over mine to delete it:-

  • We added a catagory, "How to create a new page" in our example and it is not linked
  • Type the desired page title in square brackets, for example [Image:Wiki_bracket_surds.JPG]]
  • Save the page

Wiki view page group before.JPG

The question mark after "Surds" is a hyperlink to the new empty page

  • Click on the question mark
  • Add content to the new page and save it.

Wiki edit surds.JPG

  • Now our front page called group has a hyperlink "Surds" and no question mark

Wiki view page group after.JPG

After either selecting Save page or Show preview', the participant will then see a clickable link to "Roses"; they or someone else can click on it and begin to edit that page.

Robin Greaves 15:37, 12 October 2007 (CDT)

Robin also noted: (there is no such link on mine Robin Greaves 14:45, 12 October 2007 (CDT))
Thanks Robin for your edits. I moved your comment here and will check it out. The Moodle Wiki versions might give a different screen. Our standard instructions are generally written for what ever is in demo.moodle.org . This standard is a moving target and we have to be clever not to ignore previous versions ways of doing things. Thus there is usually always something to correct :) Best --chris collman 06:32, 18 October 2007 (CDT)

Could we rename??

It seems to me rather counter-intuitive for this page to be called "viewing a wiki" when its subject matter is virtually exclusively "Editing a wiki". This page is the ESSENTIAL information needed for a user on adding and editing pages. This information is NOWHERE else (as far as I can see), and it is hard to find because of the (previous) abscenvce of links to it from the pages that are relatively easy to find. So there :) Can "we" rename it??? Also, why is it necessary to have the three or four pages: WikiModule, Addin/Editing, and Viewing. Adding/Editing is also a little misleading as it refers to the editing involved in SETTING UP a wili rather than adding/editing content of the wiki (what users would think of AS the wiki) after it has been set up. Couldn't the three pages be brought together? I'd do it but I guess that would be rather presumptuous!! Robin Greaves 14:27, 12 October 2007 (CDT)

Wiki tags

Just a caution. MoodleDocs is a MediaWiki. The standard wiki that comes with Moodle is very different. The Help:editing link is for MoodleDocs and could frustrate new users because some of those features will not work in the Standard Moodle wiki. The "new" wiki that will become part of Moodle sometime in the near future should be different than the current "old" version. Thanks for the edits --chris collman 11:46, 2 March 2007 (CST)

Chris suggestions

Humm, nice content but I am confused about how CameLCase notation relates to viewing. We have the Adding a wiki page, which also contains info on editing. I am not sure what "Viewing a wiki" means. Viewing to me is passive, read only.

The real good unique stuff here are tips about structuring a wiki. I am sure there are more examples out there.

  1. Suggest renaming this page "Wiki tips and tricks" then we can edit accordingly
  2. Maybe we need to change the adding page to the standard "Adding/editing a wiki page" page.
  3. Need to point the reader to either a specific Moodle wiki module format page or the general link I have seen but not visited
  4. I am staying clear of the standard, non-standard versions of a wiki module :) --chris collman 12:23, 6 November 2006 (CST)
Hi Chris, thanks for your comments :-) Adding/editing a wiki is for documentation on how to add/edit a wiki activity and is redirected from mod/wiki/mod. Viewing a wiki is for documentation on how to use the wiki activity i.e. View, Edit, Links, History and is redirected from mod/wiki/view (hence the title containing "View"). Re. wiki tips and tricks, would they be appropriate for the Wiki module page? --Helen Foster 03:38, 7 November 2006 (CST)

Stephen's suggestions

I'd like to know more about NWiki mentioned in the page. I've searched Moodle.org but haven't come up with very much information.

How does NWiki differ from the Moodle version of Erfurt Wiki? Differ wiki markup? Why choose one over the other?