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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 1.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version is available here: Update profile.

Edit user data with forms

The Edit user data form allows each user many options in terms of identifying themselves to others and receiving information from the Moodle server. The site administrator can add data fields to the standard default fields listed below through the Site Administration block>Users>Accounts>User profile fields.

A user must be assigned privileges through a role to edit a specific user's information. Usually two common roles that have this ability will be the specific user and the site administrator. One way to edit a user's account is through the Site Administration block>Users>Browse list of users. Clicking on the users name next to logoff will take the user to their own individual profile.

Edit user data fields in SQL database

Some moodle managers may like to acces the SQL database directly to set options for all users at once e.g. change authentication. Some may set some options for all users and then disable the code in moodle that allows them to be changed back e.g. Set all email addressses to "Hide my email address from everyone" and then disable the drop down box that allows this setting to be changed. This may be necessary in many schools where it is unsuitable to allow users to see "home" email addresses for other users or teachers.

  • id e.g. (1420) - unique moodle reference to all content added by this user e.g. even wiki page contributions. If user data is excluded from backups, all wiki content will also be excluded.)
  • 'auth e.g. (manual) - Most common alternatives are: LDAP (checking with another network LDAP server. Avoids having to update data on two seperate servers; Email - allows users to create new user accounts as long as they have an email address i.e. user accounts are completely open. Access to courses can still be controlled through enrolment keys - Variety of additional authentication options
  • confirmed e.g. (1)
  • policyagreed e.g. (0)
  • deleted e.g. (0)
  • username e.g. (van0012)
  • password e.g. (a81608423f3d5e1b69bda1c0e4195d95) - encrypted version of real password
  • idnumber e.g. ()
  • firstname e.g. (Billy)
  • lastname e.g. (BEEK)
  • email e.g. (
  • emailstop e.g. (0) 0=This email is enabled; 1=This email is disabled
  • icq e.g. ()
  • skype e.g. ()
  • yahoo e.g. ()
  • aim e.g. ()
  • msn e.g. ()
  • phone1 e.g. ()
  • phone2 e.g. ()
  • institution e.g. ()
  • department e.g. ()
  • address e.g. ()
  • city e.g. (Melbourne)
  • country e.g. (AU)
  • lang e.g. (en)
  • theme e.g. ()
  • timezone e.g. (99)
  • firstaccess e.g. (0)
  • lastaccess e.g. ()
  • lastlogin e.g. ()
  • currentlogin e.g. ()
  • lastIP e.g. (
  • secret e.g. ()????
  • picture e.g. (1)
  • url e.g. ()
  • description e.g. (Student)
  • mailformat e.g. (1)1=
  • maildigest e.g. (0)0=No digest. Single email per forum post; 1=Complete. Daily email with full posts; 2=Subjects. Daily email with subjects only
  • maildisplay e.g. (2) 0=Hide my email address from everyone; 1=Allow everyone to see my email address; 2=Allow only other course members to see my email address
  • htmleditor e.g. (1)0=Use standard web forms (e.g. plain text) 1=Use HTML editor (some browsers only)
  • autosubscribe e.g. (1)0= Yes when I post, subscribe me to that forum; 1=No, don't automatically subscribe me to forums
  • trackforums e.g. (0)
  • timemodified e.g. (#######)

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